You’re Not Alone – Ankara Bombing Solidarity Demonstrations


Tens of Thousands fill the streets of Istanbul, Turkey on Saturday evening. Banner reads “Killer State”

In the wake of Saturday’s horrific bombing attack on a Peace Rally in Ankara, that claimed the lives of 128 people and wounded 500, people from around the world have taken to the streets to show their solidarity, express their outrage at the terrible injustice and send a message of condolences to the victim’s families.

We’ve compiled the following images and videos from the various solidarity demonstrations held around the world.

Istanbul, Diyarbakir, London, Switzerland, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin, Athens, Leipzig, Paris, Washington DC, Sweeden, Cyprus, Nottingham, Woodgreen, Wien, Münster, Hannover and Nürnberg are all referenced below. More solidarity rallies and commemoration ceremonies are planned for the coming weeks.

Here at Revolution News we want to echo that message of solidarity as well and express our deepest condolences to the victim’s families. To our Turkish contributors and everyone who lost their friends and family to this tragic attack, you’re not alone.

The peace rally explosion victims were also commemorated today in Ankara.

Ten's of Thousands marching in Istanbul

Ten’s of Thousands marching in Istanbul on Saturday evening.


Tens of thousands marched in Diyarbakır (Amed), Turkey

Police attacked the demo in Amed with water cannons.



Paris, France

Video of the solidarity demonstration in Paris, France. Thousands attended the solidarity demonstration in London.

People marching in London chant: “We want Justice! We want Peace!”


Solidarity Demonstration in Switzerland



Thousands marched in Stuttgart, Germany



Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Greece, in solidarity with the Kurdish people in the city of Thessaloniki.

Protest at Syntagma Sq. Athens, Greece in solidarity with Ankara Bombing victims.

Unite the Union, the UK and Ireland’s largest trade union sends a message of solidarity and deepest sympathy to all of the victims. Italian Union of Pensioners, SPI CGIL nazionale.

Washington DC

Washington DC vigil

Washington DC vigil

Washington DC vigil for Ankara bombing victims

Washington DC vigil for Ankara bombing victims

Ankara Bombings Memorial at White House

Nicosia, Cyprus – a moment of silence during their solidarity rally.

Ankara’da yaşanan katliamı kınamak amacıyla Lefkoşa’da düzenlenen eylemden… Patlamada ölenler anısına saygı duruşu yapıldı.

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