Wuppertal, Germany: Visitor of the Autonomous center severely injured after attack with a knife

azwtalThe first press release: Visitor of the Autonomous center severely injured after attack with a knife
On Saturday morning at 01:00am a friend of our house was attacked by several perpetrators and severely injured by several stabs with a knife in his back. Prior to that the 3 men provoked visitors of the autonomous center with Hogesa (Hooligans Against Salafists) slogans. After the attack with the knife, the men fled unrecognized. 

We brought the severely injured man quickly into the corridor of the autonomous center and gave first aid assistance. At the same time we called the ambulance several times from the autonomous center. The emergency personnel arrived promptly and took over first aid. An emergency doctor who arrived later was only allowed by the police to enter the autonomous center, escorted by a large police force. That was the reason why people had to wait to continue the rescue: more police forces had to arrive. Instead of talking to the shocked visitors of the autonomous center at the entrance, the reinforced police forces stormed the entrance of the autonomous center threatening to use clubs and pepperspray to get to the injured person by force. (This was totally uncalled for, since nobody tried to stop them. Editor) 
In an outrageous press release by police, which was distributed by all local media without checking, the police later claimed that visitors attacked policemen and emergency personnel. According to the same unspeakable press release it was also claimed that the police could only rescue the injured person for further medical treatment out of the building “by using pepperspray and batons”. (In reality the police threatened to batons and pepperspray but didn’t because they didn’t need to, editor)
Later police forces who where searching the building for possible suspects randomly kicked doors. That could have been done better by more coordination with the representatives of the autonomous center who were present and by using the bunch of keys which had been given to the police. Finally the police declared the autonomous center as a crime-scene and confiscated our house until the next morning. The knife attackers were long gone at this point. 
The attack affected us all.
We hope that our friend gets healthy again!
We send you affectionate regards and a lot of power to the hospital!
Visitors of the autonomous center, Wuppertal, 11.4.2015

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