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welcome eviction 2Brazilians are gearing up for the #NãovaiterCOPA protests Saturday at 5pm,brst that will take place in 36 cities.

The ruling class seems embarrassed that the tourists might get to see some of the 20 percent of the population it keeps in utter misery, but it has no shame that so many people in Brazil are hungry, homeless, and without running water or electricity; they just want them out of their sight, not “to spoil” the shining upcoming event. The state has already created an even more deadly repressive Praetorian guard to make sure people’s repression during the World Cup will be mercilessly enforced.

Brazil invests far less directly into its public services than any other major economy. When taking into account the US $25 billion that Brazil is spending on hosting the World Cup and the Olympics, justified by promises of improvements to public services, infrastructure, and urban mobility, the reasons why so many people have taken to the streets…becomes all too clear,” this analysis explains.

LIVE from Rio     Riot police of São Paulo, storm into a Hotel with guns drawn, where demonstrators had sought refuge from tear gas, several what appear to be rubber bullet rounds are fired at people cowering on the floor of the Hotel.



Rio via Joshua Tartakovsky

Rio via Joshua Tartakovsky

Rio via Joshua Tartakovsky

Rio via Joshua Tartakovsky

Av. Paulista. #NãoVaiTerCopa

Av. Paulista. via Brasil Verdadeiro #NãoVaiTerCopa 5:30 BRst


Live video Sao Paulo    //


1601015_1521912948033317_1435203891_nVila Velha





1601598_3898525077878_659416237_n1am:  Tents go up at Artistic Museum of São Paulo, Brazil. against the World Cup. A Day of action has begun. #naovaitercopa Occupation has just started a FB page. Ocupa masp   

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