Witnesses: Kansas City PD Choke/Arrest Black Man for Existing


One Struggle KC – On the afternoon of Friday July 31st, a young black male was apprehended by four white police officers of the Kansas City, Missouri Police department in front of the “Westport Landing” strip mall in Kansas City (intersection of Mill Street and Westport Road). We do not know why the police arrested this man. He was thrown to the concrete by the officers and was placed in a stranglehold/chokehold while being handcuffed. Two different videos were taken which we have compiled in the video below:

The following are two eyewitness accounts from civilian bystanders:

Juan Rodriguez: Described the man as “black, medium build, in his mid to late twenties.” When asked to recount the altercation, Mr. Rodriguez said “the police officers surrounded him and then the black man said ‘I didn’t do anything wrong, let me go, you have no right to keep me here,’ and then began to walk away from the police. As he walked away, the police threw him to the ground, began choking him, and putting him in handcuffs”. When asked to describe the officers involved, Mr. Rodriguez said there were four officers, one of whom was a white female, and the other three were large white males. Mr. Rodriguez did not get the names of any of the officers or the name of the suspect.

Recquel Pryce: Ms. Pryce first began to observe the altercation from inside one of the storefronts, and saw the black man “just waking, when police stopped him and they talked for awhile.” She described the black man as “very young, maybe between seventeen and twenty-one. He had dreads, baggy clothes, and clearly was not from this area of town.” She said that gradually more police arrived until four officers surrounded him, and then when he began to walk away, police “picked him up and slammed him on the ground.” As the police piled on top of him and placed him in handcuffs, he said “okay you can put me in handcuffs but why do you have to choke me?” Ms. Pryce said that the black man repeatedly said, “you’re choking me, why are you choking me?” Ms. Pryce described the police as very forceful and excessive. She did not get the names of any officers involved or of the suspect.

Anyone who has more information on this incident is strongly encouraged to e-mail One Struggle KC at onestruggleKC@riseup.net. Additionally, if you are from the Kansas City metro area and your rights have been violated, submit your stories, pictures, and videos to onestrugglekc@riseup.net. All submissions will be confidential unless otherwise requested, and all email submissions are encrypted for safety.

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