Was Dylann Roof First Spotted in 2012 by the Hacker Collective Anonymous?


In 2011, members of the hacker collective known as Anonymous began a campaign in Germany against fascism known as Operation Blitzkrieg. “Blitzkrieg” means “lightning war” and is used to describe a military tactic based on speed and surprise that utilizes both air and ground forces. This innovative method of warfare was a military technique first used by the Germans in World War Two.  In a similar manner, Anonymous’ #OpBlitzkrieg targeted neo-Nazis, the Klu Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups with numerous swift attacks. Anonymous charged the targeted white supremacist groups with:

Reluctance to accept the freedom and equality that every single being possesses by right from birth; [causing] the birth of hatred and worldwide racism.

During #OpBlitzkrieg, Anonymous brought down several websites including: www.americannaziparty.com, tightrope.cc, american3rdposition.com, kategoriec.de, whitehonor.com, www.nsl-forum.com and www.rhs-verdand.com. Anonymous also released numerous documents tying 2012 U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul to white nationalist groups; ties which alleged Paul received campaign donations and took conference calls with white supremacists.

Among the documents released in #OpBlitzkrieg is a pastebin that includes a familiar moniker: AryanBlood1488. Analysts believe that AryanBlood1488 may have been admitted Charleston terrorist Dylann Roof’s forum name as it was also used on neo-Nazi websites that shared nearly identical sentiments to those found in Roof’s manifesto. According to Hatewatch:

In his alleged manifesto, Roof writes, “I mean that our culture has been adopted by everyone in the world. This makes us feel as though our culture isnt [sic]special or unique.

In an almost verbatim statement at the Daily Stormer on January 31, 2015, “AryanBlood1488” writes, “White culture is World Culture, and by that I don’t mean that our culture is made up of ones from around the world, I mean that our culture has been adopted by everyone in the world. This makes us feel as if it isn’t special, because everyone has adopted it.”

The emails leaked in the Anonymous pastebin center around the email account of Michael J. Schloer, a person the documents alleges is:

* 10 year leader for the National Socialist Movement

* U.S. Navy 89 to 93 and recently worked overseas for KBR / Halliburton, maintains and interacts with other nazis in the military

* Organized and attended dozens of major white supremacist rallies, concerts and other gatherings including the recent April 17th Los Angeles NSM national conference and rally

The email that mentions AryanBlood1488, focuses on whether or not peers were involved in the Aryan Republican Army aka ARA: a white nationalist criminal gang with a highly secretive membership that was last known to be active in the 90’s… or possibly still even today?

This is not the first time that the ARA has been mentioned alongside a terrorist attack. The Aryan Republican Army allegedly associated with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh in the months leading up to the Oklahoma City bombing.

Although analysts believe it highly probable, it has yet to be verified whether or not Dylann Storm Roof actually is AryanBlood1488. If you have any tips regarding Dylann Storm Roof or any other terrorist, please send them to revnewsmedia@gmail.com. A global Blitzkrieg against white supremacy is long overdue.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: We have been contacted by a reliable source that claims the ARA being referenced in the pastebin is actually Anti-Racist Action. Although there is no absolute confirmation, it is my opinion that it is more likely that white supremacists would be paranoid about being infiltrated by anti-fascists then having one of their own in a criminal white supremacist gang. However, please feel free empowered to read the pastebin and determine for yourself. It’s an interesting read. Sorry for any confusion!

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