Videos Document Ohio Police Assault on Family at City Pool


In another shocking incident of police using excessive force on young black women at a community pool, it’s the videos recorded by those involved that preserve the truth.

Krystal Dixon dropped her children off along with nieces and nephews to the Fairfield, Ohio city pool last Tuesday the 9th, but shortly after the eight of them arrived one child was ordered to leave, because he didn’t have proper swim trunks.

Three of the children had already entered and began swimming, an activity the family has enjoyed together for years. The five kids who were stopped at the entry desk called Ms Dixon telling her what happened, they were told they had to leave and were to get off of the property.

Ms Dixon immediately went to retrieve a pair of trunks. The 5 kids were off of the property as they had been demanded when she returned 10 to 15 minutes later, she was told that her nephew and the four other kids could not come back in, even with swim trunks. Expecting to just drop of the trunks, Ms Dixon who is 6 months pregnant had left her car running outside. A testament to her demeanor upon returning to the pool.

In the first video of the incident we see Ms Dixon and the children being denied re-entry and her calmly asking for her money back at the service counter. A days entry to the pool is 6 dollars per child. After accepting that she isn’t going to get a refund of the 48 dollars she doesn’t argue with the pool attendant, she heads into the pool area to tell the other children already swimming that they have to leave. Ms Dixon was told that the whole group of kids had to leave, because of the way they reacted when her nephew was not allowed in.

As you can see in the video above the officer at the scene is trying to forbid Ms Dixon from rounding up the children from the pool area. It’s obvious that the children already felt targeted and unjustly harassed, because their reaction to the situation was to document it with videos.

As Ms Dixon attempts to gather the children one officer rushes to catch up to her as she enters the pool attempting to grab her and asks what are you doing. Dixon pulls away saying don’t touch me and continues into the pool area. Within 60 seconds she had called the kids who were swimming and was headed back out.

1434535680521.cachedWhen the kids ask an officer why he has his handcuffs out the officer tells her children that he is going to arrest their mother, because he already told her to leave, reiterating in a threatening way to them that he had already told them also. Mrs Dixon denies that the pool staff or the police had asked her to leave up to that point. Understandably the children remain within sight of their mother.

As Ms Dixon is leaving an officer grabs a hold of her wrist prompting her and her children to fear for her arrest and call for the police officer to let their mother go. As the police attempt to arrest Ms Dixon the situation escalates. Any other alternative Ms Dixon had for rounding up the rest of the children is unclear. The officer asks Ms Dixon for ID to which she replies I don’t have one, she is obviously wearing a bathing suit, then he asks for her name.

It is at this point when the officer instead of letting the family leave the pool decides to escalate the situation and arrest Ms Dixon. The back and forth confrontation continues until Ms Dixon and the children are outside of the pool where the second video starts. It begins showing Ms Dixon holding onto the gate of the pool trying not to be unjustly arrested. The kids surrounding the scene are understandably hysterical. Several officers are attempting to pull Ms Dixon and her sister Maya off of the gate. The 12 and 14yr old girls are screaming to leave them alone and one nephew (wearing black) is seen being pushed up on the gate. It is unknown who the man in the yellow and white striped trunks is or why on earth the police would let this man approach a scene like this, much less allow a bystander to use physical force to restrain a juvenile other than it’s ok with all the officers present at this point for a person like him to do those things. The family would like this man identified and charges pressed for his actions.

As you can see in the second video the 12yr girl old who tries to help her mom gets violently manhandled by police. The officer grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against the police car.

14yr old in the hospital with tubes in her eyes to treat her pepper spray injury.

14yr old in the hospital with tubes in her eyes to treat her pepper spray injury.

She is then cuffed and dehumanizingly sat on the ground next to her mother Maya.

The 14yr old who is also video taping was sprayed point blank in the face with pepper-spray apparently for standing to close and objecting to the arrest. It was such a direct blast of pepper-spray into her eyes that she had to be admitted to the hospital and tubes placed in her eyes. Both of the girls were seen at the hospital for their injuries.

In the third video that picks up where the second left off we see police putting Maya in handcuffs as she is asking why she was being arrested. Exclaiming that she was trying to protect her family, because nobody else was and that Ms Dixon was pregnant. Ms Dixon is 6 months into a high risk pregnancy and was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

A total of five family members had to go to the hospital for their injuries.

Krystal Dixon and Maya Dixon were each charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. A 15-year-old boy was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and the 12-year-old girl was arrested and charged with assault and resisting arrest. They appeared in court Wednesday morning and plead not guilty to these charges.

Bishop Bobby Hilton (President of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter National Action Network) leads a press conference on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 regarding the incident on Tuesday, June 9th at the Fairfield Aquatic Center in Fairfield, OH. Mr Hilton details the events in the videos and debunks the outrageous claims made by police and the subsequent fictitious echoes in local media reports on the event.

Distraught 12yr old being treated for her injuries.

Distraught 12yr old being treated for her injuries.

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