Video Documentary- No Primark in Wuppertal: Actvists delivered an ultimatum to the city government


azbleibtdemo18oIn Wuppertal, Germany, tension is rising after actvists delivered an ultimatum to the city government, private investor Signature Capital, and its anchor tenant Primark. This Ultimatum ends on April 24th at 9:00 am local time, exactly 2 years after the Rana-Plaza catastrophy where more than 1100 people died. Rana Plaza was a Garment factory that produced for Primark, and people are opposed to the fact that the city government of Wuppertal sold the public space to Signature Capital for a Primark branch.


In the ultimatum, the autonomous group “Friends of the weaver uprising of 1783″ demanded that the city government, private investor Signature Capital Ltd, and Primark stop construction activities for the new Primark branch at the Döppersberg construction site, and asked for a referendum so that the people who live in Wuppertal decide the future of Döppersberg. But people are also worried about the concentration of capital in the city center, which will bleed out to other districts even more than they already do.

In this video, Revolution News editor René Schuijlenburg speaks about the Döppersberg conflict and the ongoing struggles for a Social and Refugee Welcome center in the city, and the fight for the autonomous center in Gathe.

More information about the ongoing struggle in Wuppertal (German):

Mobilisation video for No Primark action in Wuppertal, Germany on April 25:

Mobilisation video for the autonomous Mayday demo in Wuppertal, Germany:

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