US Military Preparing for Riots in Ferguson Missouri


Shaun King, journalist for the Daily Kos who has been closely following the developments in Ferguson Missouri surrounding Mike Brown’s shooting and the daily protests that have occured since, posted some very alarming information on his personal twitter account. The tweets and direct quotes follow.

In successive tweets Shaun King states “When I contacted the Missouri National Guard & the University of Missouri ROTC, they stonewalled, saying no comment, & passed me to PR.

Finally, in half a dozen interviews with men & women in Ferguson & beyond, eyewitnesses confirmed they’ve seen late night military drills.”

Mr King continues “Now, speaking today with a very respected activist on the ground about what I learned about the Missouri National Guard training for riots.. The activist said leaders on the ground are COMPLETELY sure that a deliberate & organized attempt to destabilize protestors is underway.

These plans include continually demolishing the camps set up by @lostvoices14. (a group of local youth who remained camped out, holding a vigil for justice) These plans include doubling and tripling (and more) the bail amounts of protestors to discourage them from protesting any more. A respected activist said three different protestors have had police COME TO THEIR HOME to intimidate them. Now, as we see our sisters and brothers forced to wear orange jumpsuits, it’s clear they are stepping up their efforts to crush dissent.”


Miltary equipment used by police in Ferguson, Mo.

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