Unintimidated: Solidarity Singers Mark 1000 Days Of Protest For Union Worker Rights


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The Solidarity Singers line up for protest #1000 to fight against Union Busting Law Act 10

On March 9th 2011 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker introduced the very controversial anti union bill act 10 that brought over 100,000 union members and other activist to the front doors of the Wisconsin State Capitol Building. Almost four years later, the union bosses have left, the teachers returned to work, but one leaderless group remains alone, the Solidarity Singers refuse to quit and today marked their 1000 day of continuous protest.

These protest have not always remained peaceful. In the summer of 2013 the Solidarity Singers were violently attacked by the enforcers of the ruling class for the crime of singing. The Madison Capital Police arrested mothers with children, teenagers, fire fighters, teachers, and veterans.

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Protest escalate as Madison Capital Police Attack

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