Young Veteran Shot and Killed by LAPD on Venice Boardwalk

photo by Brian Connolly

photo by Brian Connolly

At approximately 11:30pm last night, LAPD’s Pacific Division responded to a complaint about a man “harassing people” outside the Townhouse Bar on Windward Ave and the Boardwalk, a stone’s throw from the iconic Venice sign. Police arrived at the scene and confronted Brendon Glenn, a twentysomething veteran that locals called “Dizzle.” LAPD’s Det. Meghan Aguilar claims Dizzle then, “got into an altercation with a security guard at the bar near where the shooting shortly after occurred.” After unarmed Dizzle was shot by LAPD, a witness on the scene says they saw the wounded man breathing and that nobody applied first aid to assist him. The police were not wearing body cameras nor did they have their dash cams on at the time.

However, a Venice local, Brian Connolly from Occupy Venice, paints a different picture:

Last night around midnight, Dizzle, was panhandling in front of the Townhouse bar. He was unarmed. Something happened involving the bouncer, the LAPD arrived, the next thing that happened is that he was shot.

Dizzle is associated with a group of transients who have been in the Venice area for about two months. His real name is Brendon. I found out about it when Gale Holland from the LA Times showed up at Bread & Roses (where the St. Joseph homeless eat) asking if anyone knew what was really going on ’cause the LAPD wouldn’t speak to her the normal way.

Dizzle was described by his friends as a friendly never-violent alcoholic who was known for the expression “I love you, bro.”

After Dizzle was killed, local videographer Tony Vera, caught part of LAPD’s investigation and interviewed witnesses on the scene. One witness captured in the video says when he told LAPD that, “These guys’ mate just got shot.” LAPD responded with, “Yeah, we shot him.” And I’m thinking, “What the fuck? Why would you shoot anyone because you’ve got mace and you’ve got tasers.”  For more, check out the video:

Upset by Los Angeles’ latest death by cop, community members have been gathering and are continuing to gather at the intersection of Windward Avenue and the Boardwalk since midmorning to protest LAPD killing Dizzle. With law enforcement killing one person per week over the past 14 years, Los Angeles leads the country in deaths by cop. There will be also be a protest for Brendon Glenn at noon on Sat @ 52 Windward Ave, Venice, CA 90291.

The police presence has been increasing in Venice since 2010, when LAPD began cracking down on transients and the houseless only months before Google moved into the once laid back beach community. The rapid gentrification of Venice Beach due to Google’s presence (also now referred to as “silicone beach”) has come with an increase in police, ticketing, and the enforcement of a midnight-5am “beach curfew” to defer the houseless from seeking shelter at the beach, despite 24 hour access to water ways being guaranteed by California’s Coastal Act of 1976. LAPD has been encouraging the houseless in Venice to move to Skid Row where LAPD shot and killed another unarmed homeless man only two months ago.

We will share any updates as the story develops.


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