Ukrainian Embassy Demands Euromaidan Film Be Taken Off Air in France

Azov training child soldiers, Ukraine 2015

Neo-nazi Azov battalion training child soldiers, Ukraine 2015

Canal+ TV in France will air a documentary today called “Masks of Revolution,” much to the dismay of the Ukrainian Embassy. They even asked Canal+ TV to change their editorial policy in response.

Ambassade d’Ukraine en France / Посольство України у Франції звернулося з листом до керівництва #Canal+ щодо неприпустим…

Posted by Міністерство закордонних справ України / MFA of Ukraine on Sunday, January 31, 2016

Other popular films about Euromaidan like the popular film “Winter on Fire” depict Euromaidan as a grassroots student movement, devoid of any outside infiltration. It appears that “Masks of Revolution” by Paul Moreira not only took interviews with the neo-nazi Right Sector battalion, but also the notorious death squad known as “White ISIS,” or the Azov Battalion.

Without a doubt, it will challenge the narrative put forth by major media companies and western governments who attempt to portray Euromaidan as a heroic revolution against “Russian aggression.” It will show you the ugly face of Euromaidan, the neo-nazi vanguard which still controls the streets of Ukraine, trains child soldiers, has it’s own military battalions, and enjoys seats in the Ukrainian Rada (parliament).

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Azov Battalion's youth training camp

Neo-nazi Azov Battalion training child soldiers, Ukraine 2015

The film is said to be an investigation into the “New Cold War” between the East and the West. It will also give an in-depth look at the violence perpetrated by the far right vanguard of Euromaidan, and also the 2014 Odessa Trade Building Massacre, which the coup government refuses to recognize as a tragedy.

45 people were burned in a fire (some alive) in the middle of a major European city in 2014, the film maker notes in his blog online. He also says that while he did expect negative responses to the film, the reaction from the Embassy surprises him the most. He says that critics are in denial, and that “faith is a powerful drug,” in reference to pro-Maidan critics ability to ignore truths presented to their faces.

Check out the trailer below (with english subtitles). We will share the film in it’s entirety when possible.

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