Ukrainian Army Continue Massacre, Shelling a Park, Houses – Behind Ukraine’s Walls of Fire (VII)


Horlikova, east Ukraine, July 27: 13 people have been confirmed killed by GRAD shelling by the Ukrainian government; later 4 more people were confirmed dead. Among them a 1 year old and a 5 year old. These photos have been taken in the central park of this town which is located some 20 km away from Donetsk. In this picture are Kristina and her 1 year old child. The photo below shows them alive in the same park they were murdered.


Another person killed by government shelling, while walking in the park.

Ukrainian government’s forces (army and national guard, which incorporate also neo-nazi Right Sector and far right battalions) have committed another massacre, as they approach Donetsk, where 1 million people live. They shelled the city of Horlikova with Grads (multiple rocket launchers which they are not allowed to use under international law) and massacred 13 residents (updated to 17 residents) in the city, among which 2 children (1 year and 5 years old). They intentionally shelled the center of the city: blocs of flats and a park. Dozens are injured.

WARNING *** video of this massacre is very graphic:

As usual, Kyiv government propaganda claims that people shelled themselves, and denied responsibility, which seems to be their standard procedure. Ukrainian leaders of the supposed ”Anti-terrorist operation” claimed that ”criminals are firing indiscriminately upon civilians to recruit more fighters to their cause, and to discredit the Ukrainian government.”  That would mean that these people shelled their own families. Kyiv accuses them again of killing their own children; it’s typical of their own mind-set. Kyiv said the same thing about the villages they shelled, about their airstrikes against residents in eastern cities, starting with the massacre in Odessa.

Военные действия в Донбассе без прикрас (90 фото)

School shelled in Donetsk; as you can see the flag in the class is Ukraine’s, not Russia’s.

1406254094_035_13166_donbassx 1406254094_037_20343_donbassz

After Slavyansk was captured by government forces, 5,000 people gathered in the center of Donetsk to show support for the rebels.


UNHCR said the war in Eastern Ukraine has caused 230,000 refugees: almost 100,000 people had fled Ukraine’s conflict zones for other regions within the country, and about 130,000 had crossed the eastern border into Russia.


5 people were killed when on July 29 they shelled a retirement house in Lugansk, many injured.

Военные действия в Донбассе без прикрас (90 фото)

These people are called “terrorists” by Kyiv.

Военные действия в Донбассе без прикрас (90 фото)

Военные действия в Донбассе без прикрас (90 фото)



When not bombed, residents in the east are left without means to provide for their needs.


Военные действия в Донбассе без прикрас (90 фото)

Военные действия в Донбассе без прикрас (90 фото)

Военные действия в Донбассе без прикрас (90 фото)

Военные действия в Донбассе без прикрас (90 фото)

Военные действия в Донбассе без прикрас (90 фото)

Военные действия в Донбассе без прикрас (90 фото)

Военные действия в Донбассе без прикрас (90 фото)

These photos have been taken in eastern Ukraine over the past two months.


Weaponry used by the Ukrainian government against civilians in the east of Ukraine.



On July 26, Donetsk was shelled with Grads again; these attacks are almost daily in eastern Ukraine.

ukraine modernized grad

Ukrainian multiple rocket launcher.

In Lugansk, the government killed almost 300 people in less than a month. Like they did in Slavyansk, they treat the entire population as ”insurgents”, because they know most rebels are local residents. They bomb hospitals, schools, workplaces, cut water, food and electricity. 60 percent of Lugansk is without electricity now.


OSCE warned that 4 million people in eastern Ukraine could remain without water; government forces cut water supplies for civilian population as a military strategy. This photo was taken in Slavyansk before being “liberated” by the Kyiv forces. The city resisted without water for months.

lugansk J22 AP 1

Lugansk, July 22, after the shelling by the Kyiv forces.

The video below, translated in English – very graphic – has captured one of the massacres, the shelling of civilians on July 18.

This is how Grad kills:

Ukraine’s president has used the shooting down of a civilian aircraft in Eastern Ukraine to demand NATO’s involvement: “our 9/11” he called it on CNN. The U.S. have sent “military aides” to the crash site, and provided Ukraine with $33 million for the war in the east. Western mainstream media propaganda about Russia’s support for the rebels in the east of Ukraine has reached new lows in war mongering. They never mention that the neo-nazis in Ukraine are in fact a serious threat to the population of Western Ukraine, not to mention the ruling politicians; and Europe. This is the Ukrainian president visiting the front lines:





luhansk July 16





This report does not say why these people fight Kyiv, but sheds a different light on them than that of Kyiv’s propaganda:

<<“You need to ask the Ukrainians — who are you fighting? The women and children they bomb in their houses, the people whose electricity and water they turn off and try to starve. These Ukrainians fight with their NATO weapons and they accuse us of being Russian — well I’ve only been there once in my life. This is not Russia’s fault. I do hope this cause ends and we can get back to a normal life.”

At the moment they wait, smoke cigarettes, play cards and wait. They know the Ukrainian troops are coming, the shelling is getting closer, but they say they are prepared. Irina, 27, had just completed a degree in psychology. There is no work so last week she decided to wear military green garb. When asked is she is ready to fight and die, the pretty new recruit smiles coyly.

“Of course, this is my home,” she said.>>


Rebels in Donetsk, source

Here is a glimpse into how they saw it all; end of April, BBC: “You want to be in Europe? Go ahead. Whether we want to be with Russia or on our own that is our business. No one has a right to force us into this with the help of special services or foundations. This is a conscious effort to destroy Ukraine. Do you understand? We understand it all.” Eastern Russians: “We should not split, we should talk.” “We never thought that such a thing could happen between Ukrainians and Russians here.” Eastern Russian protestors: “They call us terrorists. Do you see terrorists?” “At least if they give us autonomy, I’d agree with that. But Russia… I don’t think Putin wants us.” This family made their mind to join Russia after they saw what was happening in Western Ukraine,” the reporter says. “They watch Ukrainian TV and Russian TV, and they are making a very conscious choice: They want to be with Russia and here is why.” The family she talks to shows them a clip with kids in Western Ukraine jumping and shouting: “One nation, One country, One Fatherland! Hang the Muscovites! (this is what they call Russian speakers):

The man says: “It’s a school in Kyiv. These are kids. They are shouting “Hang the Russians, Hang the Russians!” And now he’s telling me we’re the separatists, we’re the bad guys? How do you think that makes us feel?” Their grandmother lives in Russia, and she says her pension is 4 times bigger than it would be in Ukraine, but that she would say no more because they would “call her a separatist”.

Most of them, however, were not “separatists”: they demanded autonomy from Kyiv as a safety guarantee for their lives, from the beginning the ruling politicians, who climbed to power after Euromaidan, decided they had no right to make demands.

Военные действия в Донбассе без прикрас (90 фото)

Lugansk, mid July, civilians killed by the Ukrainian army.

Военные действия в Донбассе без прикрас (90 фото)

Ukrainian troops firing Howitzers including into civilian populated areas:

Военные действия в Донбассе без прикрас (90 фото)

These videos shows unarmed civilians trying to stop tanks with their bare hands, they were considered “terrorists” by the aggressor government in Kyiv. In 21st century the west has legitimized a government they forced to power – with the support of nazi squads – to kill the local population, this will have dreadful implications for the populations in Europe and the U.S..

After months of civil war, support for separatists seems to have increased to 37%, this is more proof which makes clear that people in the east resist Kyiv for reasons other than joining Russia. Some dozens soldiers in the Ukrainian army have deserted and crossed over to Russia, they said they could not kill their own people. The population in Western Ukraine is increasingly opposed to war, more and more protest their sons being taken by force to fight in the east. In Ternopil, the Ukrainian army forcibly sends “recruits” to war, attacking their mothers who refused to let their sons be taken to the front. See video here. In some localities, mothers have cut down trees to block the roads so that they can save their children from being taken by the army – read here about such protests in Bukovina. In Nikolaev, a Molotov cocktail was thrown at the army’s recruitment office.

Conscripts are burning their draft notifications and say, “We don’t need your war! We didn’t go to your Maidan, we didn’t create all this mess. Whoever did it, let them fight!”

This video documents more atrocities committed by the Ukrainian government against the civilian population in the east of the country; you can see another one here.

Even some western media outlets have begun to acknowledge that nothing works to make the eastern civilian population cave in to Kyiv, but they never mention that the reason for this is the ”national revolution” in Western Ukraine which would have people in the east convert to praising nazis. This they will never do.


Western Ukraine, 1941.

Svoboda’s neo-nazis beat people in Lviv, two weeks after Svoboda came to power, march 2014.


This video explains how these ones see themselves. It’s a “war-cut” as Yarosh said.

The pic below depicts how Kyiv’s propaganda portrays the Russians in eastern Ukraine; it is just an example of many more, way more sick. This is how the people who go in the east to “liberate” cities think.  These are the people encouraged and financed by their supporters in the neocon-led State Department from Washington and the Pentagon. They have been praised and whitewashed by neocons, John McCain has urged war against Russia on their behalf.

This is a capture from a public page of neo-nazis from Right Sector.


In Eastern Ukraine, anyone can be a terrorist and get arrested if neo-nazi Azov says so, the nazi sun is one of their symbols.

maidan killed the ukrainian in me now i am russian

“EuroMaidan killed the Ukrainian in me, now I am a Russian.”

yanks and azov

In Odessa, neo-nazis are pursuing cultural purification; they try to disrupt concerts and events. Weeks after the massacre at the trade union building, Odessa was declared “a Bandera city” by Right Sector leader Yarosh, in a shocking insult towards the city. Second video shows their violence towards people who do not express hatred towards Russia.


Neo-nazi from Azov marching to war.

Lvov, cafe Right sector

Right Sector cafe in Lviv.

guns for NG

Guns pro-Kyiv forces recently received for the war in the east.


lugansk 20 July

Lugansk, mid July.

Lugansk update




The Rada’ speaker (the parliament) has fired two commissars who sent his son a notification that he has been recruited to go to war. This happens when thousands of young people in Ukraine are taken by force to war. This one is Yulia Tymoshenko’s most loyal lieutenant; his dad fought in Hitler’s army. Source

Bandera-like Holocaust collaborators and fuhrer wannabes are not something the West should ever be allowed to play with in Eastern Europe, but they do. NATO is never questioned on their support for these neo-nazis, possibly because NATO don’t care for anything except getting to exploit the resources in the east. The atrocities committed by OUN, UPA and Bandera in eastern Ukraine are part of local history.

The war in eastern Ukraine takes place on a terrain whose resources are targeted both by NATO-backed capitalists and by Russia. There is also the South Stream pipeline which would allow Russia to bypass Ukraine. The U.S. behave like a colonial power in Europe.

resources eastern ukraine

Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the Dnieper–Donets Basin Province and Pripyat Basin Province, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, 2010: The U.S. Geological Survey, using a geology-based assessment methodology, estimated mean volumes of technically recoverable, conventional, undiscovered petroleum resources at 84 million barrels of crude oil, 4.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and 130 million barrels of natural gas liquids for the Dnieper–Donets Basin Province and 39 million barrels of crude oil, 48 billion cubic feet of natural gas, and 1 million barrels of natural gas liquids for the Pripyat Basin Province. The assessments are part of a program to estimate these resources for priority basins throughout the world.” Source 

The neo-nazis violence is ever more increasing in Western Ukraine too: this is just one example of many. During a concert, they jumped on the stage and attacked a member of a rock band because he refused to say a fascist slogan. Lately, attacks against elected officials have increased but it is not known yet who’s responsible.

Such are the social conditions IMF craves; because it allows them to stay out of the sight of the people they hurt or destroy. However, IMF’s implication in what is happening in Ukraine seems to take some dreadful dimension. It is confirmed that Bertie Ahern, who gave Ireland ”IMF’s kiss of death”, is involved in secret ”peace negotiations” in Eastern Ukraine, on the side of the Ukrainian army and their nazis; he claims the Kyiv forces “fight for the future of Europe”. This individual is the one who ruined Ireland.

There is no mention in Western media about the social crimes the IMF are provoking in Ukraine: people already cannot pay their bills since life costs have skyrocketed, and winters in Ukraine can be deadly unless they are provided with heating, which many cannot afford. This can turn into a social crime; IMF does it so that the gas imports from Russia are kept low. IMF has never been investigated or prosecuted for the death they left behind following their capitalist accumulation.

”People who protest for pensions, salaries and social benefits are FSB (Russian secret service) agents”, accused the Ukrainian PM days before his cabinet resigned until early elections. He is forcing on Ukrainins the IMF program which will led millions into worse poverty. See here video translated in English.

MP Levchenko kicked out of Parliament

Opposition politician is thrown out of the parliament after he opposed the government sending more troops to the war in the east. Ruling politicians are demanding the prosecution of 304 politicians in the opposition for “separatism”; Kyiv plans to ban the communist party and the party of the ousted president Yanukovych. The political spectrum will be shared by neo-nazis, fascists, and neocons. Early elections for Rada are due later this year. Read more, here.

Meanwhile, Interpol has fulfilled Russia’s request, forwarded in April, to issue an arrest warrant for the leader of neo-nazi Right Sector, Dmitry Yarosh.
He’s a close collaborator of the chief of SBU (Ukrainian secret service) and of A.Parubyi, who is the boss of the national security council, supervising police, armed forces and secret forces.
His squads are participating in Ukraine’s so-called ”anti-terrorist operation”, and some of their recruits have been incorporated in the National Guard, and possibly even the army. Recently he told his squads that he would go to the United States to request more weaponry.
Right Sector have been involved in armed street battles with the police during the euromaidan; they are trying to replace the police now.
Yarosh has been legitimized by major western media outlets.
After the Odessa massacre, he posted videos mocking the victims and praising Kyiv’s butchers.


Yarosh is seen by most of the armed troops of Kyiv as the leader of the ”national revolution” in Ukraine and his ideas are reinforcing the nazi ideology of OUN; they are shared by ruling politicians in Kyiv too. He expressed them in his book “The nation and the revolution”, and they are very similar to those of the neo-nazi crusader and mass-murdered Breivik. During the euromaidan, he promised ”a European Reconquista”.

mustafa with nazis

Human Rights organisations are timidly starting to see some of the massacres of civilians committed by the Kyiv forces in the east of Ukraine, inhabited by most of the country’s Russian speaking population, and depositing some of the richest natural resources in the world.

It is not known how many civilians Kyiv forces have murdered in the east, since the start of the civil war for which they take no responsibility and only blame Russian rebels of which only some are separatists. There are only estimates: the government of Kyiv said close to 500 people; the UN said over 1,000 were killed during ATO. The UN ignores the violence the government of Kyiv promotes – ruling politicians asking for massacres in the east, the incumbent prime-minister demanding “wiping out” of the “sub-humans”, words repeated by the current president – and instead speaks of “terror in the east”, while attempting to identify rebels with criminals, who are exploiting the conditions created by the civil war. The UN blames rebels for using heavy weaponry, but fails to recognize that government’s war planes bomb civilians on regular bases, with impunity.

While conservative-dominated western media is ever more loudly decrying a “Russian invasion”, they hardly mention that the Ukraine army shelled Russia repeatedly, in provocation, and killed civilians in their homes, in Russia. NATO has not mentioned this either.


Slavyansk, while being “liberated” by the government of Kyiv.

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