Ukraine May Face Civil War in the West as Government Crumbles


Oleh Lyashko, Yulia Tymoshenko, and Arseniy Yatsenyuk at the signing of the coalition government, shortly after the Euromaidan Coup

It seems the tolerance of far right and neo-nazi elements has backfired on the EU/US backed Ukrainian government. This could be the beginning of the end, and things seem to be playing out just the way our journalists said they would.

A German publication is claiming that a new civil war is coming to western Ukraine. Following the withdrawal of the “Radical Party” from the current coalition government, oligarch/nationalist icon Yulia Tymoshenko from the “Fatherland” party has begun to publicly criticize the Ukrainian government’s recent decentralization plans, and support far right nationalist groups.

According to Russian state media, Tymoshenko is accusing the coalition government of surrendering to Russia, and is publicly opposing any attempt to federalize the country.

Originally, the coalition government included President Petro Porshenko’s Bloc, Yatsenyuk’s “People’s Front,” Tymoshenko’s “Fatherland,” the far right “Radical Party,” and the “Self Reliance” party.

It was in September that the Radical Party, headed by neo nazi Oleh Lyashko, left the coalition. Just weeks before in August, a neo-nazi terrorist from the far right Svoboda party threw a grenade at the Ukrainian police at a demonstration against the new decentralization laws. At the time, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov reported: “one person was killed, 125 were injured, 12 people are being operated on and one soldier is in deep coma.” 

Months ago, Avakov posted on Facebook boasting that the neo-nazi Azov battalion (many of whom attended the anti de-centralization protest) would receive US training during operation “Fearless Guardian,” which began on Hitlers birthday.

At this point, the US/EU backed Ukrainian government is not only facing far right protestors armed with grenades they’re clearly willing to use (the same nazis who were effectively the vanguard of the Euromaidan coup and later armed by the government) but now increased mainstream political opposition. Tymoshenko was an extremely popular political prisoner at the time of the Euromaidan coup.

It’s impossible to know how long the current government will be able to control the situation, or how much help (and in what capacity) the west will still be willing to offer. After all, the Euromaidan coup has become a failed experiment which has led to a civil war, over a million refugees, and the annihilation of the Ukrainian economy. It would not be surprising to see the U.S. take a “back off” stance in Ukraine like they have in Syria – continue to lightly engage in proxy war, and count their losses.

It seems there could be a new coup at any time, led by neo-nazis who have been empowered by western governments and media since November 2013.

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