Turkey Blocks YouTube After New Audio Leaks


The Turkish national telecoms authority, Telecommunication Presidency (TİB) sent an order to all internet service providers and told them to block access to Youtube from Turkey today. This decision was been made right after Prime Minister Erdoğan said “Youtube is behind Twitter!”

(TIB) said it had taken an “administrative measure against the site in Turkey, Reuters news agency reports.

Conversation of Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT) President Hakan Fidan and AKP authorities was leaked earlier today on Youtube. In this dialogue, MIT President Hakan Fidan discusses bombing Turkey and putting the blame on Syria in order to start a war.

Link to English Transcript HERE or HERE

New leaks (Turkish language):

DNS is still working as are VPNs like TunnelBear, HotspotShield, ProxyTube etc. We have received reports that DNS / is best right now. We will keep you updated as new information is available.

TorBrowser How-to in Turkish~ Internet Sansürü ve Fişlemeyi Aşmanın Yolu: TOR Tarayıcı

New Leaks released on Vimeo 1 of 2

Başçalanın Seçim Güdümlü Savaş Planı 1-1 from misket kafa on Vimeo.

New Leaks released on Vimeo 2 of 2

Başçalanın Seçim Güdümlü Savaş Planı 1-2 from misket kafa on Vimeo.


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