Trump Includes US Citizens in Proposed Muslim Ban


Donald Trump has not only called for a ban on all Muslims entering the United States, he is also saying that any US Muslim citizens who are currently traveling abroad should not be allowed back into the country.

According to The Hill, he called for “a complete and total shut down” of Muslims entering the US until politicians can “figure out what’s going on.”

He’s also demanded that Obama show him any Muslim sports heroes:


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Completely disregarding his multiple meetings with Muhammad Ali:

All of this after he demanded that Muslims within the United States be forced to wear special identification badges. A practice popularized by Hitler who forced Jews, queers, and most people of color to wear badges as he began waging genocide. If that were not frightening enough, just last week Trump told Bill O’Reily on Fox News:

When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families.

Of course Trump has no authority whatsoever to implement any of this, but he is still the Republican frontrunner, despite efforts by his own party to oust him. During a period where racists are shooting at Black Lives Matter activists, Trump is encouraging people to beat up black counter protestors at his “Make America Great Again” rallies.

From Muslim badges to taking out the families of terrorists to the giant militarized wall and denying Muslim’s entry into the U.S. -Donald Trump’s rhetoric not only echoes that of Adolph Hitler, but of every dictator that has engaged in ethnic cleansing. What’s even worse is that so many people blindly accept and support what he says.

Trump can’t play the “Christian values” card either. This is a man who has cheated on his wife, evaded taxes, worked with the mafia, and filed for bankruptcy (see documentary below). Trump fans and supporters truly love Donald for being an all-American fascist.

No matter what happens after the election, Trump has created fascist pockets by mobilizing racists and xenophobes across the country. It is absolutely imperative that anti-racists and anti-fascists create our own pockets of resistance to counter this new level of hate that Donald Trump is normalizing.

For Trump, this ridiculous Ric Flair come to life behavior is nothing new. The new Trump and the old Trump are exactly the same, as demonstrated by this documentary that almost was never released after Trump’s legal team threatened the filmmakers with countless lawsuits:

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