Thousands of Refugees Arrive in Austria, Germany as Marches Continue Across Hungary


Thousands of refugees from Hungary finally arrived to Nickelsdorf receiving area in Austria after days of delays in Budapest and a desperate 30km #MarchOfHope on foot towards the border.

VIDEO: Drone footage shows refugees walking to Austrian border

Refugees also began arriving at destinations in Germany and were greeted with faith-in-humanity restoring crowds of cheering supporters and volunteers providing water, food and clothing. Munich received nearly 8000 people on Saturday.

VIDEO: German People Applaud Refugees as They Arrive in Munich

Waves of refugees poured into Austria including groups of refugees who left some of the refugee camps in Hungary on foot and by train. More refugees arrived in Budapest as well to continue the journey west.

Extortion of refugees at Debrecen detention center was reported by Deutsche Welle correspondent, Max Hofmann early in the day. According to Migszol Csoport‘s map of refugee facilities in Hungary, this camp is notorious for problems such as overcrowding, poor food and poor hygiene – also the extreme right wing party Jobbik, that is very strong in this 2nd biggest Hungarian city, has organized many demonstrations against the Debrecen camp.

Hours later in the day on Saturday Max reported that NGO’s were already investigating the extortion claims.

Refugees again set out on foot from Keleti station and new arrivals to Budapest were greeted by large donations from citizens as well as kind welcomes along the way. Refugees were transported by rail as #TrainsOfHope began moving along again after stoppages.

#TrainsOfHope in Germany were especially organized and greeting refugees at various stations with donations and assistance.

Dortmund – @trainOfHope_Do#trainofhopeDo
Frankfurt – @trainfohopeffm#trainofhopeffm
Berlin – @TrainofHope_B#trainofhopeb
Wien – @HBF_Vie

“Arrived in Stuttgart. Many refugees get off at central station (for now) and are supplied.”

Information in German on locations, what is needed and what people in Berlin can do to help can be found here on the “Berlin helps” initiatives for refugees website.

A late night train arriving to Dortmund was almost greeted by a group of drunken neo-nazis however their numbers were very few in comparison to the citizens who were also there and formed a human chain to welcome refugees.

“#trainofhope_do There are hundreds of blankets and packed bags with clothing for the #refugees in the Dortmund Hbf”

“idiots from Central Station”

Refugees arriving to Austria were reportedly incredulous upon crossing the border, not actually believing they had finally made it. They were greeted by these notices in the Vienna train station.

Thousands more are expected to travel to Austria and Germany today from Hungary. #refugeeconvoy / #CarsOfHope will be collecting refugees from around Hungary and transporting them close to the Austrian border.

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