This Film About the Euromaidan Coup Was Almost Banned in France


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Canal+ TV aired a documentary called “Masks of Revolution” about the coup in Ukraine, which shows how Neo-nazis and other far right actors hold a considerable amount of political power in the failed state that is the new Ukraine.

That documentary, by Paul Moreira, has now been translated in full with English subtitles, so that people may now know some of the truth about what happened in Ukraine without digging through hundreds of articles and videos.

Paul Moreira put his life on the line to interview these nationalists and neo-nazis multiple times throughout the film.

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The film is said to be an investigation into the “New Cold War” between the East and the West. It gives an in-depth look at the violence perpetrated by the far right vanguard of Euromaidan, and also the 2014 Odessa Trade Building Massacre, which the coup government refuses to recognize as a tragedy.

A major issue with the documentary lies within the section on the 2014 Odessa massacre, although the information presented is quite revealing. The full truth about what happened that day must have been too much, even for this documentary.

The film confirms what Revolution News has been saying since the 2013. Nazis were the vanguard of the Euromaidan Coup, which gave them considerable power in the new government, and they have been allowed to operate autonomously and with great influence ever since.

The United States government has remained almost 100% complicit in this, and recently revoked an amendment which barred funding to the Neo-nazi Azov battalion.

Welcome to the new Europe, complete with Neo-nazi gangs, armed and funded by western states:


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