Tens of Thousands March In Support With Teachers Of Brazil.


1392667_625141050841175_1081699141_nTens of Thousands of anti-government protesters gathered on the streets of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Demonstrating in support of teachers demanding more pay and better working conditions.

1380469_241740375979532_1501781188_nTaking to the streets was about calling for positive change. Teacher Simone Matias said the government had got its priorities all wrong, complaining: “The country has the money to host the Olympics and the World Cup. Where is the money for education, and for health and for everything else?”

Doctor Angela Tenorio said: “We have to unify to destroy the corrupt. We don’t have politicians, we have thieves, scoundrels and villains!”


The demonstration’s took place over several hours and were peaceful at first, untill later in the night when riot police intervened with tear gas to try and disperse the massive crowds.  People resisted against the police oppression for the hours that followed.


People overturned a police car in Sao Paulo

People overturned a police car in Sao Paulo




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