Tens of Thousands in Kabul Protest Taliban Beheadings


Two women, a 9-yr-old girl and 4 men from Kabul have been beheaded with razor wire by members of the Taliban
Tens of thousands took to the streets of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on Wednesday with coffins carrying the bodies of seven ethnic Hazara demanding justice after their beheadings.

The Hazara hostages were captured by Taliban fighters more than a month ago and held in Arghandab district of Zabul province.

Two women, a 9-yr-old girl and 4 men had been beheaded with razor wire, officials said. The Hazaras were abducted in Ghazni and their bodies were later found in Zabul province.

Maryam Jamal, who also took part in the march, told Aljazeera it was important to pressure the government to halt the escalating violence in the country. “They’ve now started killing women and children,” she said.

“It can be me tomorrow, can be my children. This protest is historic and we are adamant to not back off until something is done about this. We’ve had enough.”

“Today they kill us, tomorrow they kill you,” some chanted. Others carried banners bearing photos of the victims and shouted “Death to the Taliban”.

Officials said the seven were among dozens of Hazaras kidnapped in a number of abductions dating back to last year.

Afghan security forces have reportedly stopped live coverage of the protests by private television channel Ariana News TV.

Video: Coffin of a 9-year-old girl beheaded by insurgents in Kabul on the shoulders of women protestors.

TOLONews broadcast footage of protesters shouting “Death to Ashraf Ghani!” and “Death to Abdullah Abdullah!” – Afghanistan’s president and chief executive.

Security forces fired weapons to disperse the crowds at the gates of the presidential palace and 7 people were injured in the shooting, their current condition is unknown.

Demonstrators protected by a human chain called for Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah to resign. “Realistically we all know they can’t quit, but they must wake up and address the fact that their own people don’t feel safe, physically or financially,” said Omaid Najafi, 39, originally from Ghazni.

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