Taiwan Sunflower Movement Starts New Blockade Over Trade Pact Decisions


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Taiwan Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) legislator Chang Ching-chung (國民黨內政委員會召委-張慶忠, whose unilateral decision on March 17 to send the China Trade Pact deal to the plenary session without deliberation sparked a student-led protest and occupation of the legislature), convener of the meeting this week, has placed the China service trade agreement on the agenda to review the deal clause-by-clause.

The Democracy Kuroshio (民主黑潮) student league yesterday called on Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) lawmakers not to be constrained by party discipline and immediately sign a letter of commitment to have legislation to monitor cross-strait pacts in place before reviewing the controversial service trade pact.

The group’s call came on the heels of a confrontation with police on Wednesday in front of the KMT headquarters in Taipei, when about 50 league members held a press conference, urging KMT legislators to promise to endorse the draft of the cross-strait agreements oversight bill put forward by civic groups.

League spokesperson Chen Wei (陳蔚) on Wednesday said that KMT lawmakers are the only legislators who have not signed the letter.

“We will not give KMT legislators any opportunity to convene the meeting! It appears that the KMT is playing a two-handed strategy by having caucus whip Lin Hung-chih(國民黨立院政策會執行長-林鴻池) offer his resignation as apology for creating controversy and Chang (張慶忠) placing the pact on the agenda. The agreement should not be reviewed in the current session until a bill on monitoring cross-strait agreements is passed-one of the demands made by the students occupying the legislative chamber since March 18.” protesters said. 100’s of protesters responded with a new blockade at the Legislative Conference building where the meeting is to take place.

Black clothes, sunflowers, Placards, posters & Stickers are everywhere to be seen. -Occupied Congress at Legislative Yuan



Front door Legislative Conference building 立法院正門 (West西面): Occupied by the Alliance of Referendum for Taiwan.


Legislative Conference Building立法院群賢樓 (South南面): Occupied by the Battlefield Kitchen & many tents.IMG_1631[1]

Right side gate Legislative Conference building濟南路立法院側門 (South南面): Occupied by police & protesters’ tents.

Right gate濟南路立法院側門2(South南面): Occupied by protesters’ recycle-station & tents.IMG_1615[1]Legislator Office building中興大樓(South南面): Occupied by standing & sitting protesters.



Backdoor鎮江街立法院後門(East東面): Occupied by die-hard students & the girl that won’t leave.IMG_1625[1]


Left gate(議場外主場parking lots & main court right outside the chamber)立法院青島東路側門(North北面): Occupied by police & protesters’ tents.



Surroundings立法院四周: Occupied by Students & all kinds of people 24hrs.





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