Taiwan Occupy Congress Rooftop Report: From Trade Pact to Battle For Democracy

Taiwan Congress Occupied Image Sky Lee

Taiwan Congress Occupied    Image Sky Lee

Sky Lee Rooftop Report Video for Saturday March 22nd  

30,000 supporters expected on Saturday have arrived, It’s upgraded from opposing unjust trade pact to a war for Taiwan’s democracy!

Activists occupying the chamber hall of legislative yuan announced that they would prolong their 120hrs occupy into an unlimited struggle, as President Ma failed to answer their demands about the contentious China trade pact. Starting from Sat, Mar 22, Protesters expand their actions, 1st by calling on the public to join surrounding KMT(the Chinese Nationalist Party) local headquarters nationwide(already happened), now occupy the congress won’t stop until the gov answer the protest with goodwill, withdraw the China trade pact & pass the monitoring legislation!




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