Sweden: Ten Injured at Malmö Anti-Nazi Demonstration



Police on horseback charge into the crowd in Malmö.  Ten people were taken to the hospital, five with serious injuries with one of them requiring treatment in the emergency room. Police arrested six people and took scores more into custody.

An estimated 1,500 people gathered in Limhamn square to protest against a planned appearance by the leader of the Svenskarnas parti (party of the Swedes) who was due to make a speech.

When party leader, Stefan Jacobsson began speaking, his words were drowned out by protesters chanting “No Nazis on our streets.”  Chaos ensued when police on mounted horses stormed between the protesting groups trampling Anti-Nazi protesters on the first pass. As seen in the video below, despite people shouting and waving trying to stop the police from trampling over the wounded when they were seen to be approaching again. The mounted police continued back through the crowd at speeds beyond any concerns for safety.

“I am shocked at the police’s excessive force,” Matilda Renkvist, one of the organizer of the demonstration, said. 

The police explained their actions by saying that they had to intervene as the events escalated in the square 

“We were forced to ride in because masked demonstrators had moved to the outside of the square and we needed to make some arrests,” Ewa-Gun Westford, police spokesman, told the TT news agency. 

Six people were detained following the clashes, with one person being held on suspicion of assaulting a police office.

Anti-Nazi protestor in #Sweden today run over by police van in #KämpaMalmö demonstration (via @AdrianoMerola

Anti-Nazi protestor in Sweden today run over by police van in Kämpa Malmö demonstration (via @AdrianoMerola


Anti-Nazi protestor in Sweden today run over by police van Photo: A Hillergren

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