Suffocated in a Refrigerated Truck, 71 Refugees die in Austria


UPDATE: Official information state that 71 refugees died in the truck.

Up to 50 people, likely to be refugees from the Middle East, have been found dead inside a truck in Austria. The exact number of refugees found and their ethnicity is still unknown.

This information was confirmed by the spokesman of the Interior Ministry. He stated that the truck has been found near the town of Parndorf, close to the border with Hungary.

The refugees bodies were found in the back of a refrigerated food delivery truck. Reportedly, the truck had been abandoned since Wednesday, but police searched it on Thursday after they got a call from the local workers.

Police stated that the most likely cause of death is suffocation from the lack of Oxygen.

Reportedly, Austrian police had stopped several trucks transporting refugees.

The terrible discovery comes as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and leaders of Balkan countries meet in Vienna. One of the topics of the meeting is the problem with migration crisis.


Forensic teams on the site (Photo: Twitter)

Yesterday, Hungarian police used tear gas in order to stop refugees crossing over from Serbia. Thousands of them are currently in Belgrade, looking for a way to reach developed European countries.

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