Such Remember, So Gunpowder, Much Plot, Very Treason – The Anonymous Million Mask March

Anonymous #MillionMaskMarch in Australia. Via @RedHack_BaRikat

Anonymous Million Mask March in Australia.Via @RedHack_BaRikat

Anonymous took to the streets on the 5th of November in city centers around the world. This year’s Nov 5th events dubbed the Million Mask March were scheduled in 450 different locations spanning the globe.  While some of the many protest locations were attended by dozens, others took to the streets by the hundreds and even thousands.

Million Mask March Global Event Map

Million Mask March Global Event Map

Anonymous began from humble beginnings on the popular and uncensored forum called 4chan. One of the first IRL (in real life) protests was in 2008 against the Church of Scientology. The protest was dubbed Project Chanology which was to protest the Church of Scientiology’s use of copyright claims and lawsuits against anyone who publically criticized them. The realizations members attained from seeing how many like minded people were involved in this protest helped to transform Anonymous from a meme on 4chan into the international hacktivist collective that we see today.

Since this humble begining Anonymous has shown the strength of it’s numbers many times over with the numerous on-line actions attributed to members of the collective. On Tuesday we see that an idea to take the streets in Solidarity can grow into a Global Day of Action.

As expected a very wide range of grievances were brought by everyone of the individuals who attended the various gatherings. One common theme could be seen and heard if not felt from all of the gatherings. Your struggle for Freedom and Equality is also my struggle for Freedom and Equality. We Are Legion.

The scene outside the Houses of Parliament London right now Anonymous #MillionMaskMarch #MMM image @biggpix

The scene outside the Houses of Parliament London. Anonymous #MillionMaskMarch #MMM image @biggpix

In London, thousands gathered at parliament square for hours where people chanted, “One Solution! Revolution!”

There were scuffles with police and 15 arrests during the evening as the police attempted to stop the crowd that had decided to march from Parlaiment to Buckingham Palace. 

London #Anonymous Million Mask March via @TheBlogPirate

London #Anonymous Million Mask March
via @TheBlogPirate

Once there people symbolically climbed upon the Queen Victoria Memorial and Fireworks were shot at Buckingham Palace.

The event in London has special symbolic signifigance as the place where Guy Fawkes plan to blow up the parliament in 1605 had failed. Since then, Guy Fawkes Day (also known as Bonfire Day) has been celebrated by burning the effigy of Guy Fawkes and setting off fireworks. The modern Guy Fawkes mask was made for the movie V for Vendetta and soon became the face for Epic Fail Guy on 4chan. The Guy Fawkes mask was originally worn at Project Chanology in 2008 to symbolize the Church of Scientology as a failure, but it was also worn in an effort to avoid costly lawsuits from the church. Since 2008, the Guy Fawkes mask has transformed from a symbol of failure to a symbol for those fighting against government oppression.

Million Mask March outside Buckingham Palace on the Queen Victoria Memorial Statue

Million Mask March outside Buckingham Palace on the Queen Victoria Memorial Statue.

The days events in Washington DC began with groups forming at the Washington Monument and in Laffeyette Park across from the White House. The first march of the day began around 9:30Est. with the group from the Washington Monument making its way to meet the others at the White House.

Anonymous Million Mask March Wash DC Image @OccupyWallST

Anonymous Million Mask March Wash DC
Image @OccupyWallST

The combined march filling all the lanes of Pennsylvania Ave along the way with chants of “Who’s Streets? Our Streets!”, “We Want the Truth!”, “NSA Go Away!”, “What Do We Want?  Freedom!  When Do We Want It? Now!  And if We Dont Get It?  Shut It Down!”.
Million Mask March Wash DC via AnonMedia

Million Mask March Wash DC via AnonMedia

The March paused infront of the Newseum Building to read the 45 words of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, etched onto a four story tall stone panel facing Pennsylvania Avenue in a Mic Check style. At 7:58mark in the video below a woman addresses the crowd, in part she says  “You do not need a permit for the Revolution. Keep that in your hearts and keep that in your mind. The Revolution will not end today. It will be a long fight. Dont give up. It has just begun”.
Raw Video as broadcasted Live by @UnToldCarlisle of @RadicalMedia_

Video streaming by Ustream

Several marches and protests continued at the White House till after dark.  At points stopping at the Department of Justice, the Headquarters for the IMF World Bank, The Federal Reserve and The Monsanto HQ, where the flag out front was re-hung upside down.  VIdeo Below shows a group burning money while others chanted “Down with the World Bank! Down With the IMF!” and “End The Fed!”
3 people were arrested in DC throughout the day. The first when a person stepped across the police line. and was violently thrown to the ground and taken away for doing so.
@OccupyWallSt First arrest at the #MillionMaskMarch outside the White House

@OccupyWallSt First arrest at the #MillionMaskMarch outside the White House

Video clip recap below has some footage of two of the arrests that happened in DC.

At the front entrance of the Department of Justice.

There was a night march in Denver, Colorado attended by a few hundred people. Video shows a Denver Police officer using her bicycle to ram into one person and hit others with.

In Denver, protesters, many of them wearing Fawkes masks, rallied downtown — but when they marched on the City & County Building, the cops intervened. The result was six arrests and a claim of police brutality by at least one videographer.

Look below to see the footage, additional videos and photos.

During the march in Portland, Oregon Helicopter footage shows police rushing and attacking several marchers. Two of these people were arrested for blocking traffic.





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