Students in Paraguay Protest for a Quality Education


Students, public and private schools, universities and teachers showed that the Paraguayans want a better quality education without discrimination.

Between 6,000 and 10,000 high school students, supported by their principals, teachers and parents mobilized in the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion.

In somewhat smaller amounts demonstrations were reported in dozens of cities and towns under the slogan “for a quality education.”

The march also had the support of university student centers.

Students in private and public schools marched to demand a better distribution of school kits, teacher training, improvement of building infrastructure and student tickets for students of private schools.

They also demanded better food in public schools, improving the management of funds earmarked for education and an increase to 7% in the percentage of GDP spent on education, which currently does not exceed 4%.

Breathtaking view from the balcony of the Congress. Student concentration in Plaza de Armas.

Horacio Cartes, Paraguay’s president said he supports the initiative and urged them to pursue their goals with a “healthy rebellion” not by “making trouble” repeating the phrase of Pope Francis who visited Paraguay last July.

Education Minister, Marta Lafuente, chatted in the street outside the headquarters of the Ministry with the students and said it is willing to discuss the educational agenda and agreed to meet with the organizers next week.

Santiago Pena, the Minister of Finance, told reporters that the Government will allocate huge resources to strengthen the budget for next year.

“Investment in education is the most profitable. We have a huge responsibility to allocate those resources,” he said.


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