Story of Antigone – 13 bodies denied entry & proper burial at Turkish border


Story of Antigone is being relived today at Habur border crossing between Turkey & Syria.

Antigone is an ancient Greek tragedy in which the new ruler Creon decides to put rebel Polyneices’ body to public shame. His body would not be sanctified by holy rites, and lie unburied on the battlefield, prey for carrion animals like worms and vultures, the worst shame in those times.

Today Turkish Border officials are ‘putting to shame’ the bodies of the 13 fighters named below; including one German; who have lost their lives fighting against ISIS gangs. It has been 6 days since the bodies arrived. Temperatures in the region can rise up to 50ºC (122 F), bodies are kept inside a truck.


Names, Codenames, Place of origin, Date and place of death:

Mesut Pusat (Kurtay Cudi), (Şırnak) HPG  ,died 13rd of July in Şengal
Mehmet Koç (Çiya Agiri), (Ağrı) HPG   ,died 12nd of July in Şengal
Cahit Çapan (Berxwedan Besta), (Şırnak) YPG  ,died 10th of July in Hesekê
Veysi Cin (Merxaz Kato), 7th of July in Til Temir
Fidan Yalçın (Jiyanda Çarçela), ( Hakkari) YPJ , died 11th of July in Hesekê
Cumhur Turan (Eriş Colemerg), (Hakkari) ,died 10th of July in Hesekê
Mumin Kasap (Bager Farqin), (Amed)  ,died 11st of July in Hesekê
Ferit Öner (Berxwedan Eylem), (Amed) , died 11st of July in Hesekê
Ragıp Yıldız (Derweş Patnos), (Ağrı),died 10th of July in Hesekê
Mehmet Bulun (DilbirinQoser),(Mardin)  , died 10th of July in Hesekê
Ferit Coşkun (Serhed Botan), (Mardin), died 9th of July in Silûk
Nuri Aydın (Welat Munzur), (Muş), died 11st of July in Hesekê
Kevin Jochım (Dilsoz Bahar), (Germany)  YPG , died 6th of July in Silûk



Families of the fighters, are going through twice the pain. They are suffering for their loss, and for not being able to give a proper burial for their loved ones. The tension is high. Families are angry and some reacted by protesting and building barricades. Police have retaliated:



In this video police attacks the families doing a sit-in protest:

This mini documentary (in Turkish & Kurdish) by IMC TV tells the story.

Selahattin Demirtaş; congress member and co-chair of  People’s Democratic Party said:

“I wish that you (Prime Minister) have not lost your conscience so much as to insult coffins, and torture them. ”

Situation remains to be resolved.

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