#‎StopFastTrack‬ of TPP: International Week of Action Nov. 8 -14



STOP THE SNEAK ATTACK ON Democracy, Wages, Jobs, Climate Solutions, Food Safety, Affordable Medicine, the Internet, the Environment & MORE!

– Hold a Rally
– Host a Teach-in
– Pass out Fliers at highly visible traffic intersections, malls and events
– March
– Create a Chalk Walk
– Hold a Funeral for Fast Track
– Start a Flash Mob
– Gather Allies to Meet with Trade Reporter at Your Local Paper
– Hold a Candle Light Vigil
– Display a Light Brigade on an Over Pass
– Do a Banner Drop
– Put on a Street Performance
– Go “Stop Fast Track” Caroling

What event have you planned? Please share event ideas in this Facebook comment thread!

“The #StopFastTrack week of action comes as President Obama and other heads of state head to Asia this November in  [an] attempt to push forward the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It also comes as the Lame Duck session of Congress gets underway, with various Congressional leaders already calling for Fast Track legislation to be considered then.

“It is a time of year when a lot of people take a break after the elections, and start getting ready for the holidays, such that political accountability is very low. We need your help remaining vigilant so that Fast Track does not sneak through then or in early 2015.”

Click Here for More Info: http://tinyurl.com/StopFastTrackWeekofAction

Visit: www.StopFastTrack.com
More info on Fast Track & TPP at Expose the TPP – USA
and www.ExposeTheTPP.org

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