Stop Water Cannons from Being Deployed on the UK’s Austerity Protests


The UK police are working with the government to attempt to introduce water cannons across England and Wales to deal with “anticipated street protests as a result of ongoing austerity measures”.

The police themselves are open about the fact that water cannons are “capable of causing serious injury or even death”.  On the evening of 17 February 2014, a little-publicised public meeting is taking place at City Hall on the possible introduction of water cannons, hosted by the Deputy Mayor and the Met Police. We need to make sure they understand loud and clear there is NO PUBLIC CONSENT for the introduction of these weapons on our streets.

Water cannons may cause “serious injury or even death” including the repression of a democracy through the stifling of protests. The Shocking Truth about Water Cannons in 2 Minutes

A demonstrator falls after he was hit by a jet of water during protests against the government’s education policies, at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, on Wednesday, Jan. 5. pb-110105-riot-replacement-jw-7a.photoblog900

This man suffered severe eye injuries from a water cannon in the protests in Stuttgart, Germany against the construction of the Stuttgart 21 train station. blinded_by_water_cannonThe Facebook Event page No Water Weapons on our streets! Pack out the public meeting at City Hall

Tell the public consultation what you think about water cannons before the 28th February

Details of the consultation


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