Spontaneous Protests Over Death of Farinaz Khosrawani – Hotel Tara Torched


Local media and protesters have claimed that Farinaz Khosrawani jumped to her death today from the fourth floor of the Hotel Tara to avoid being raped by an Iranian army officer.

CEbpF1oUMAAJfG-Spontaneous protests erupted in the ethnically Kurdish city of Mahabad, Iran Thursday. The circumstances surrounding 26 year old Farinaz Khosrawani’s death has the community outraged. Farinaz was an employee at the Hotel Tara.

Today people gathered in-front of the hotel to demand an investigation into Farinaz’s death. Special forces who arrived to disperse the angered crowd used tear gas and live ammo on people resulting in an escalation in the violence. Forces were overwhelmed by the protest and are now stationed around the city of Mahabad as tensions are increasingly high.

Protest is ongoing: 2 protesters are dead and dozens wounded. Currently conflicting reports of 27 to 100 on the number of wounded protesters. 10 members of the police forces are reported to have been injured.

Raw video shows people gathering out front of the Hotel Tara and the beginning of the police intervention.

Jaafar Katani, the mayor of Muhabat, told local news organisation Rudaw: “The people must wait until the investigation results are out to find out the reason behind Khosrawani’s death.”

Raw video showing people out front of the Hotel Tara sometime shortly before it was torched.

Protests are continuing despite the call for calm made by Iranian authorities in Mahabad. The Kurds in Eastern Kurdistan will take streets across the Kurdish cities and hold protest actions on Friday, according to local sources.

Social media users are using the hashtag’s #JusticeForFarinaz & #Mahabad to share updates.

Raw video showing the Hotel Tara in flames.




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