Spain’s King Abdicates, Sparks Massive “Referendum Now” Protests Against Monarchy


Third Republic!, The monarchy Out! Referendum now!

Madrid. Puerta del Sol Fotaza

Madrid. Puerta del Sol Fotaza

Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, publicly announced on June 2, 2014, his decision to abdicate in favor of his son Felipe, current Prince of Asturias.

Third Republic!, The monarchy Out! Referendum now! The cries that demand the right of the Spaniards to decide on the continuation of the system of parliamentary monarchy heard Monday in over a hundred cities and thirty European and Latin American capitals.

The hashtags #IIIRepublica #ReferendumYA #APorLaTercera monopolize the list of the most popular on Twitter since shortly after the monarch officially announced its decision. Meanwhile, on the platforms of Change and Avaaz petition‘s supporting the request for a consultation on the state model multiplied with the passing of the minutes. At 2000, when they were summoned to most concentrations, Avaaz collected nearly 90,000 signatures and 28,000 Change.

The Puerta del Sol, the epicenter of the demonstrations, is filled with protesters.

In the past few years, the Spanish monarchy has lost its favor due to acts of corruption that involved people related to the Crown, or to indiscretions by the King himself, but mostly due to the economic crisis that affects most of the Spanish people, especially the youth.

On Twitter calls went out to rally in 50 to 100 Spanish cities asking for a return of the Republic under the tag #ReferendumYA

Within 20 hours this was Madrids Plaza del Sol



In Vitoria, several thousand people gathered in the central Plaza de la Virgen Blanca to demand the establishment of the Third Republic. In a festive and friendly atmosphere, concentrates, of all ages, chanted slogans in favor of the Republic and requesting a referendum.

The Republican banner has not only taken to the streets in Spain. Outside, Brussels, London or Berlin wanted to join the referendum petition after the abdication of the king. Brussels




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