Spain: Piss Off The New King, Get Arrested For Displaying Anti-Monarchy Flags

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Lèse-majesté: since 2008 it is legal in Spain to display flags supporting the republic or anti-monarchy flags, but apparently not if they can be seen by the “new” king. Dozens were arrested and abused by police for carrying republican flags during the state ceremony of crowning him.

At least 5 people were arrested by the Spanish police for displaying flags for the Republic during the crowning ceremony of an imposed king aimed to reboot the fading support for the monarchy.
Since 2008, it is legal to carry flags in support of the republic in Spain, but police arrested old people, young people, parents in front of their kids, intimidated and abused dozens for speaking against the king on the streets, or for wearing anti-monarchy signs. The ones who shouted ”¡Viva la República!” (Long live the Republic), during the ceremony, were arrested on the spot, officials said that it was for the crime of “opposing resistance to the authorities“.
They have broken the law by not letting me go to a public event paid with my money,” said a man arrested for carrying a flag of the republic.
Reporters who were trying to film police abusing peaceful people were stopped and blocked by police.
In another incident National Police agents have led handcuffed to a man who was part of a group of elderly people who shouted “Long live the Republic!“.
dangerous anti detained in spain

Very dangerous anti-monarchist in Madrid.


People getting arrested and beaten while the new king was riding in Franco’s car (which had been a gift from Hitler).

A ”salute with piety” for the king went viral; as captured when Felipe VI passed on Gran Vía, in Madrid, riding in a Rolls Royce which was a present for the criminal fascist dictator Franco from his supporter Hitler.

This salute for the new king went viral.

People carrying pictures of the victims of the fascist dictatorship were attacked by police. Mass graves are found even now in Spain, while the attempts to rehabilitate the fascists are constantly underway. A recent shocking incident – the attempt to rehabilitate one of Franco’s battalions: During the Spanish civil war in Valdedios, Asturias, they forced the nurses from the Psychiatric Hospital to organize a party for them, then raped them all, took them out in the woods, made them dig their own graves and killed them. A catholic military priest who heard the screams interrupted their rape party and, to the shock of the victims, gave his blessing to the rapists to carry on: “Do what you have to do”.  Raping and killing the women who were associated with anarchists and leftists was a common occurrence among Franco’s army.
While only some thousands went to see the new king salute them, 81,000 people voted to have an referendum organized so they can determine for themselves what form of organisation Spain should have. 98.11% out of a total of 80.966 voted for the organisation of a such a referendum.
14 April 2013: Thousands demonstrated in Madrid claiming for the 3rd Spanish Republic and against monarchy. See more here.
Also, see this demo to commemorate the poet Charles Donnelly, who died on 27th February 1937 at the age of 22 fighting in the Spanish Civil War for the International Brigade
Even a member of the royal family said that people have the right to speak up.
Demonstration claims 3rd Spanish Republic

Demonstrators demanded truth, justice and reparation for the victims of Franco’s fascist dictatorship.

On June 25, CNT will hold a debate over the real alternative: no monarchy, no republic; a form of social organisation which was attempted in Spain between 1936 and 1939 but which was crushed by Franco’s fascist army and Stalin’s repression and betrayal.  Today’s voting for parliament does not mean democracy; read here – Parliament or Democracy – about what would be possible to replace them with, here – Workers Power and The Spanish Revolution, by Tom Wetzel – a critical analysis of what the Spanish Revolution meant and how it was repressed; here – The tragedy of Spain by Rudolf Rocker – about why it was repressed, and here about what was attempted in those days by the anarchists – Collectives in the Spanish revolution, by Gaston Leval; The Anarchist Collectives: Workers’ Self-Management in the Spanish Revolution, 1936–1939, by Sam Dolgoff; here more about what libertarian socialism means; and see also the documentary Living Utopia, and George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia
Western media did not miss the chance to present the ceremony in their usual Hollywood-like cliche style, romanticizing the new king and avoiding to mention the hated historical legacy of monarchy in Spain. All they dared to mention was that some football game at the World Cup spoiled the non-existent joy of imposing the new king. International mainstream media avoided stating that the king started his reign with armed coercion – with assaults and arrests – for displaying anti-monarchy signs.

Say what? Best representation of patriarchy. Would not hurt to read these books – find them here and here -, to understand why women will always be considered “inferior” to them.

Confident: The new monarch looked comfortable and confident as he gazed around the room of politicians, flanked by his wife and two daughters Sofia and Leonor

The only criticism media attempted was that Spain being kicked from the world cup spoiled the “joy” for crowning the new king. Media were very enthusiastic to praise his wife because for having been a CNN anchor. Source of the photo

Felipe IV shaking hands with the infamous bullfighter, Jose Padilla. via Spanish Animal Defenders

Spanish bullfighter Juan Jose Padilla walks away after greeting new King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia during the official reception

Padilla walks away after greeting Felipe IV and Letizia during the official reception, source 


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