South Korea Candlelight Vigils Protesting Presidential Election Fraud Continue

Image via 신비, 김상호 @sinbi2010

Protest demanding for President Park Geun-hye’s resignation under way at  Cheonggye Plaza, Seoul. Image via 신비, 김상호 @sinbi2010

Candle light vigils to protest the South Korean National Intelligence Service’s abuse of social media to influence the last Presidential Election continue.  For this the 31st weekly Pan-Citizen Candlelight Rally in Seoul people gather despite the snow and rain.

People are outraged at the aquittal of former Seoul police chief Kim Yong-pan, one of the key figures involved in the alleged meddling in the 2012 presidential election by the nation’s spy agency.

The Seoul Central District Court found Kim innocent, Thursday, citing a lack of evidence to prove that he downsized a police investigation into allegations that agents of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) engaged in an online smear campaign against opposition presidential candidates.


Former Seoul police chief Kim Yong-pan

Image~ Kim Yong-pan, former chief of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA), sits before an audit by the National Assembly Security and Public Administration Committee, Tuesday, refusing to take the oath, while other participants stand up to do so. Kim appeared before the session to face questions about the SMPA’s downscaled investigation into the National Intelligence Service’s alleged meddling in the 2012 presidential election. He stated his ongoing trial as a reason not to take the oath.




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