Some Black Students Evacuating MU Amid Racist Terror Threats


R. Bowen Loftin, the soon to quit Chancellor of the University of Missouri tweeted that the campus is aware of social media threats made against black students Tuesday night.

The University online emergency information center confirmed the threats:

Some black students are leaving campus:


Racist white students are taking advantage of the situation and harassing black students:



Many black students are unafraid of the threats:

Multiple threats were posted online:

Some teachers are canceling class or making attendance optional:

While others refuse to make accommodations:

Check out our coverage of the MU student protests, and take a look at their remaining demands. It’s been made quite clear, via violent threats, that MU is not a safe place to be right now for black students.

This is a glimpse into the minds of racist white people all across the US – who are so enraged to see black people advance in any way.

Black student and athlete protestors at MU will fight for their rights, and win. Hopefully, there will be no tragic events along the way.

Update: Police have arrested 19 year old Hunter Park, who is responsible for one of the threatening posts pictured above (I’m going to stand my ground and shoot every black person I see). He was 100 miles away from campus at the time he made the post.

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