Wrongful Death & Criminal Charges for SoCal Gas Methane Leak

Photo: EarthWorks

Photo: EarthWorks

Two different suits are being filed against the company responsible for the Porter Ranch methane gas leak, which some say is the worst natural disaster since the BP oil spill.

On Tuesday, Los Angeles County prosecutors announced charges against Southern California Gas Co. for “failing to immediately report the gas leak at its Aliso Canyon facility to the proper state authorities.”

The criminal complaint charged the company with four misdemeanor counts: “three counts of failing to report the release of hazardous materials from Oct. 23 to Oct. 26, 2015, and one count of discharging air contaminants, beginning on Oct. 23, 2015, to the present.” The Los Angeles County Fire Department is investigating the case, and the arraignment is set for February 17th.

On the same day, a family of a 79 year old who died of lung cancer on January 25th filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Her family says the methane leak led to the deterioration of her health, and eventually her death. According to her son, he filed the lawsuit because the victim predicted her own death.

Health officials claim that the leak doesn’t pose any long-term health consequences, and that nose bleeds, vomiting, headaches, and dizziness reported by residents is actually a side effect of mercaptan, an pungent agent added to methane to make it immediately recognizable.

Over 5000 families are skeptical and have re-located. Since October 23rd, 80,000 metric tons of methane have been leaked. SoCal Gas have said that the leak won’t be fixed until the end of February.

A disturbing time lapse video, as well as videos of town hall meetings have been uploaded by those involved with the Porter Ranch Lawsuit.

In the video below, almost the entire room raises their hand when a Doctor asks if people to raise their hand if they’ve experienced any side effects.

A state of Emergency has been called, charges have been filed, and Federal investigations are being launched. Meanwhile, methane continues to leak, poisoning Los Angeles County.

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