Slovenia Calls in the Army to Deal with Refugee Crisis


In response to the refugee crisis in the Balkans, the Slovenian Parliament voted on Wednesday with 66 votes for and five against to alter the Defence Law, giving the military extra jurisdiction in protecting the state borders.

This Law allows for the military to give warnings and directions to the individuals, temporarily limit their movement and in coordination with the police, establish a control over the masses, if necessary, by force.

These changes are set to last for three months with an option of an extension.

In the meantime, refugees located in Brežice, Croatia, set fire in one of their tents on Wednesday morning in protest at being detained on their journey to western Europe.

After Hungary closed down the border with Croatia, having previously closed its border with Serbia, Croatian authorities have been sending refugees trough Slovenia. However, the influx of immigrants is trying to be controlled, causing delays and frustration for refugees.

Slovenian officials have previously stated that they will not close borders unless countries of destination such as Austria and Germany do that first. If Slovenia was to close down its border all paths trough the Balkans would be closed.

From Saturday, around 25,000 refugees entered Slovenia from Croatia, while around 10,000 have moved on to Austria.

Orban’s fence killing wildlife

Meanwhile, the 100-mile barbed fence Hungary placed across its border with Croatia is not only hurting the flow of refugees, but it’s also taking a toll in the migration of local wildlife.

Pictures show that deer have been caught in the fence and died a miserable death, since their herds can’t migrate to their natural habitat anymore.


Video from last year, taken by photographers Mario Romulić i Dražen Stojčić show the natural migration of deer. The treeline is a border between Croatia and Hungary, now, instead of trees, the fence marks the border, preventing the migration of wildlife.

Drveće na ovom snimku je granica između Hrvatske i Mađarske u Baranji. Do prije neki dan su tu jeleni migrirali preko granice na dnevnoj bazi, i to ponekad i po par tisuća, u velikim krdima… sada je tu Orbanova bodljikava žica! :(

Posted by Romulić & Stojčić multimedia studio on Sunday, October 18, 2015

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