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“Finding justice for me is like a big dog fighting against a little one. I believe that you need as many little ones (community members) as you can get to attack this system which preys over the community, bulling and denying us respect. The Change will be made when communities can provide self governing resources that will help grow education and reduce crime by creating jobs. We need more concerned public officials that are honest when doing their job. Better communication is a key component in recognizing the challenges within our community and addressing them with valid resolution to the consistent mis-trust between police and citizens. More or less we need to all find one love in one nation that creates fairness and equality”  –  Dontre’s brother, Nathaniel (Nate) Hamilton

Marching for Justice! Aug 22nd

Marching for Justice!
Aug 22nd

On April 30th 2014 Dontre Hamilton was shot 14 times by a Milwaukee Police officer for “sleeping while black” at Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Over five months later the Hamilton Family still seeks justice. While the Hamilton family grieves their loss of a son and brother, the killer cop still walks free and Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn refuses to give the killer cops name publicly. While Milwaukee Police insist that Dontre Hamilton made life threatening motions towards the officer, eye witness accounts tell a completely different story.

For over five months community activist and faith leaders have joined with the Hamilton Family with their demands for justice and they have coordinated the cities first Coalition For Justice. They have Occupied Milwaukee’s District One Police Headquarters, Occupied Milwaukee City Hall, Shut down rush hour traffic and blocked the Interstate Freeway system.

Maria Hamilton, the mother of Dontre Hamilton tells us that “We are putting the city on notice that we wont stop until we get the answers we rightfully deserve. No Justice No Compromise. We will fight until we win Justice for Dontre”

Demanding Justice For Victims of Police and Vigilante Violence in Milwaukee from Occupy Riverwest on Vimeo.

In this video from 9-18-14 the mother of Dontre Hamilton weeps at the Milwaukee Fire and Police commission meeting pleading for justice for her dead son. With the Milwaukee Police refusing to release the name of the killer cop after five months, the Hamilton family, in a preemptive insistence for justice names the killer cop themselves to the public as Officer Christpher Manney, the Milwaukee Police still refuse to confirm this named officer. In recent days and through open records request it is being reported that officer Christpher Manney has had six complaints against him dating back 11 years.

On 8-22-14 and joined by the family of Dontre Hamilton and father of slain black teen Corey Stingly activist occupy The Milwaukee District One Police Headquarter chanting “Fist Up…Dont Shoot” and “I believe That We Will ” while inside.

Milwaukee March, Rally and Sit-In for Justice from Occupy Riverwest on Vimeo.

On 9-4-14 at The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission meeting, activist once again were denied the justice that they felt was deserved. With the refusal of Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn to answer direct questions activist linked arms to prevent the Chief from leaving. In this video you can see Chief Flynn escorted out of the building surrounded by a very heavy police presence presumably for his own safety.

On 10-8-14 and in advance for another protest in the name of Dontre Hamilton (Event Link) and in an attempt to raise awareness to a national level, The Coalition For Justice released a new video titled “Whats His Name” The women seen in this video at 21 seconds in is the mother of Dontre Hamilton

Whats His Name? from The Coalition For Justice on Vimeo.

Credit: Occupy Riverwest ‪#‎OccupytheHoodMKE‬ Coalition for Justice C.M. DeSpears, Joe Brusky, Mary Watkins, Khalil Coleman, Jenna Knapp, Vaun Yung L’z Mayes

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