Shootout at the Dallas Police Department Headquarters


Details are few as the situation is still unfolding. Here’s what we know so far. A person or persons driving what appears to be an armored vehicle/van approached the Dallas Police Department headquarters and a gunfight ensued.

In one of the videos of the shootout we see the armored vehicle ram a police car and shots ring out. The other videos show exchanges of gun fire between the person/s in the vehicle and police.

As we have heard on the police scanner. Helicopters are in chase and an Armored Personnel Carrier was moved in to retrieve officers who were pinned down in a Jack in the Box. Police also discussed using a 50cal rifle from the helicopter to take out the person or persons in the armored vehicle. The police chase is still ongoing, we will update with more details when they are available.

Update –  Snipers shot the suspect around 5 a.m. Saturday. Police didn’t approach the van till several hours later, in fear of explosives. During the stand-off two bags of explosives were found at the Dallas PD and detonated. The suspect was announced dead at 10:20am. About an hour later officials detonated the armored van in two different explosions – first on the front end and then a larger explosion on the right side toward the back of the vehicle.

Dallas police said the suspect identified himself as James Boulware. Boulware, 35, was arrested on multiple assault charges in May of 2013, according to Lamar County Jail records. Records show Boulware was charged with one count of impeding a family member’s breath or circulation and another count of causing bodily injury to a family member. That incident, which occurred in Paris, TX, was dismissed.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said the suspect referenced the past incident with Dallas Police during initial negotiations in the standoff.

“The suspect has told our negotiators that we took his child, accused him of being a terrorist, and that he’s going to ‘blow us up,'” Brown said. The suspect then cut off negotiations.

Despite a hail of gunshots at the police headquarters, including some that hit police vehicles, nobody was wounded.

Vehicle police union said used in #DallasPDShooting sold for $8,250 on June 1.


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