Shocking video from refugee camp in Dobova, Slovenia


An independent media team managed to secretly film inside the Dobova refugee camp in Slovenia. In the video you can see how people are threatened with pepper-spray when they ask for help. You can also see people sleeping outside without protection.

The situation shows why the police and military do everything they can to keep journalists out of the camps. Ugly scenes of people who need help being treated like.. well like what? The independent media team call the refugee camp a concentration camp. That sounds hard, but so are the conditions in the Dobova refugee camp.

Authorities in Austria and Slovenia do everything they can to isolate refugees from people who are living in the country.

For more on the refugee crisis at the – Austria/Slovenia Border

Today there was a fascist demonstration in Spielfeld, Austria. 500 people protested against refugees. In the early evening there was a spontaneous refugees welcome demo demanding the freedom of movement for all people. The demo came after a meeting of refugee activists from several countries in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

20151031_200208At the other side of the border (Sentilj, Slovenia) Activists give 1000 refugees a warm welcome who had to walk from the train station to the camp. Volunteers, activists and journalists were not allowed to provide aid or even talk to the refugees. Video (Livestream, German/English):

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