New Video of Mario Woods Shooting Contradicts Self Defense Claims


San Francisco – A new video of the police killing of 26-year-old Mario Woods in the Bayview district directly contradicts police claims that officers were acting in self-defense when they shot and killed Woods on Dec. 2.

The new video released during a press conference Friday held by lawyers for Woods’ family more clearly shows that Mario Woods did not physically threaten officers before being shot more than 20 times.

Lawyers for the Woods’ family also say they are set to release video analysis showing he did not provoke police when they shot and killed him. Police today are also set to release the names of the five officers involved in the case.

The Woods’ family lawyer, John Burris, also announced today that he will be seeking more than $25 million in a federal civil rights lawsuit.

“Here in San Francisco, African Americans and all other fair minded individuals are dismayed by San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr’s efforts to justify the shootings with a bogus interpretation of one of the cellphone videos that captured the incident,” said a Burris law firm news release.

“Mario was used as target practice by reckless and malicious San Francisco police officers. The killing is an outrage and an affront to the African American community.”

Lawyers for Mario Woods also released post-mortem photos showing the multitude of gunshot wounds.

Video of lawyer, John Burris speaking at today’s press conference.

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Shocking video has emerged from an officer-involved shooting Wednesday in San Francisco’s Bayview district.

In a witness video posted to Instagram we see Mario Woods surrounded by at least five officers with their weapons drawn at him.

Policeman are heard screaming commands to ‘drop it,’drop the knife’ and a woman can be heard saying ‘just drop it’ moments before Woods takes a few steps and is riddled in a hail of gunfire.

The SFExaminer reported that the man (now identified as Mario Woods) had matched the description of a suspect in a nearby stabbing that occurred about 45 minutes prior. The victim of that stabbing attack is expected to survive.

San Francisco police chief Greg Suhr said the officers were just wrapping up their search for the Woods when other officers found him on the 2900 block of Keith, between Gilman and LeConte avenues. Woods was reportedly armed with the kitchen knife police believe was used in the stabbing.

The officers convened and told Woods to drop his weapon, Suhr said. Witnesses on a nearby bus reportedly confirmed the exchange to police.

Police fired and struck Mario Woods several times with beanbags while moving away from him, also shooting the ground in front of him with another less-lethal weapon, Suhr said. But when an officer tried to cut off the man’s path, and the man moved toward him carrying the knife, five officers opened fire, killing him.

The 1st witness video below appears to contradict police chiefs Suhrs version of events when he states that Woods was moving toward an officer who had cut off his path, as the act that provoked the outburst of gunfire.

Woods seems to be moving the only way away from the police he can go when the policeman blocks his path. Woods doesn’t appear to be violently escalating the situation. He is not responding to police commands to drop the weapon and is walking slowly as a policeman moves to block his exit the police open fire.

While this video does only offer a brief glimpse into the events, it is clear that Mario Woods did not lunge or make any sudden movements in the moments before he was gunned down.

This video is extremely graphic and not for all viewers.


Thursday Updates: A second witness video was posted to twitter on Thursday.


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