Serbia: Activists post pictures of refugees – We Must be Empathic!


Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Serbia (YIHR) has organized a gathering under the banner “Solidarity, not hate”. Several dozen activists participated.

Gathering was first originally planned as an anti-protest to the announced protest of clero-fascist organizations such as “Dveri”, “Naši” and “Obraz”. Because of these organizations, last year’s Pride in Belgrade was canceled as authorities feared for the safety of participants.


However, Serbian police banned fascist protests. Mentioned organizations have in recent years caused not only hate but also the destruction of property (example: during Pride in 2010). Despite this, YIHR has continued and organized protests in support for refugees.

On the Republic’s Square in Belgrade activists posted around 30 photographs depicting refugees in Serbia. Goal of this action was to portray sufferings of refugees to the citizens of Belgrade.

“We are glad that authorities banned the anti-refugee gathering.

Being empathic for the sufferings of refugees is important for our society”, said director of YIHR, Anita Mitić.

YIHR has held the line against extreme right groups in Serbia before, most importantly during events that heated up emotions on all sides such as Pride and commemoration of Srebrenica genocide.

Humanitarian aid from the region

Beside these protests and aid to the refugees from Serbia, a number of humanitarian actions from Bosnia and Croatia have also occurred. Supplies valued at 10.000 Euros have arrived from Croatia recently. At the same time, two separate actions from Bosnia and Herzegovina brought combined more than seven tons of food, clothes, and other supplies.


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Agan Uzunović is a journalist from Bosnia and Herzegovina writing for Revolution News and Bosnian media. Follow him on Twitter @AganU8.

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