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The Moore Street terrace and citizen supporters – Image credit Bart Hoppenbrouwers

UPDATE Moore Street Occupation Ends In Success – Statement from Save Moore Street 2016 below

Dublin – On Thursday the 7th a concerned group of Irish citizens took it upon themselves to occupy the historic buildings on Moore Street to preserve the revolutionary heritage and legacy of the structures and the Moore St market.

In 1916 members of the Irish Republican Army and Irish Citizen Army occupied key buildings around Dublin including the currently occupied buildings on Moore street and proclaimed an independent Irish Republic from British Empire. Known as the Easter Rising, 6 days of armed resistance to the British Empires occupation followed.

The leaders of the 1916 Rising made their last stand in those buildings on Moore Street. A surrender was agreed upon in those Moore Street buildings and the last moments of freedom were had by those who walked out to face their death and imprisonment.

The Easter Rising of 1916 and the public executions of the Rising’s leadership that followed were the events that led to Ireland gaining it’s independence from the British Empire. The historical significance of the site cannot be underscored enough.

Circled are buildings 14 to 17

Circled are buildings 14 to 17

Currently the buildings on Moore Street are under attack again. Although buildings 14 to 17 are being turned into a National Historical site, developers are planning to demolish #13 and #18 to erect a 7 story hotel in the historic market of Moore St.

Citizen occupiers and a ground swell of grass roots supporters overwhelmingly agree that preserving the entire Moore Street Terrace is the only option that properly honors the sacrifice of those that gave their lives during the Rising and the heritage of Ireland.

Hundreds have filled Moore Street in support of the citizens occupying to preserve the site everyday since the occupation began and today hope for an acceptable outcome reached a new high.

On Monday an injunction to remove the citizen occupiers was denied. Colm Moore, a nominee of the 1916 Relatives Association argued that all of the buildings on Moore St should gain National Monument designation; Mr Justice Seamus Noonan agreed and said it had “a certain urgency” and scheduled it for a hearing on February 2nd.

The Judicial Review will decide whether the National Monument designation should also include lands and buildings of the terrace at numbers 13, 18 and 19, plus all and any part of buildings, basements or cellars located on Moore Street and/or Moore Lane. 

UPDATE Moore Street Occupation Ends In Success

The Moore Street occupation will come to an end at 12 noon, Tuesday, Jan 12th, 2016. The decision to end the protest came after a High Court decision that will prevent all demolition works on the site for two weeks. Protesters entered the buildings with the objective of halting all demolition works and advancing the campaign for the creation of a ‘1916 Quarter’ incorporating the GPO / Moore Street battlefield site.

These objectives have now been achieved. Any further occupation of the site would have been counter-productive, unessecarily delaying the desperately needed repair and restoration of No’s 14, 15, 16 and 17. In withdrawing from the Moore Street site the protesters are allowing space for the legal, political and planning processes to proceed. Should these processes fail to adequately protect the buildings, roads and laneways of the GPO / Moore Street battlefield site the protesters reserve the right to again use non-violent direct action to defend the Nation’s heritage.

The decision of the protesters to withdraw from Moore Street on their own terms – in a dignified and disciplined manner – removes the opportunity for the state, or others, to destroy the advances that have been made in recent days. When faced with an imminent threat to an important historical and cultural site citizens from a range of political backgrounds united for the greater good.

The Moore Street issue is now live across Ireland and the lrish diaspora. The world is truly watching.

The Moore Street protesters thank everyone who visited the occupation including Damien Dempsey, John Connors, the elected representatives from the North-West and the hundreds of extraordinary citizens who called by to view the historic buildings and offer their support. Thanks also to the local traders and to those who used social media to show support and spread the word. The support of relatives of the 1916 combatants was particularly welcome and appreciated, as was the emergency motion adopted by Dublin City Council.

Video – Moments citizens begin occupation to preserve historical Moore St site in Dublin.

Video – Arms Around Moore Street Documentary

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