San Francisco: Student Walkouts for Mario Woods


High school students in San Francisco walked out of school today and marched to City Hall in protest of the police shooting of Mario Woods. Woods, 26, was shot more than 20 times by 5 police officers on December 2 in the Bayview neighborhood. New footage of the police shooting was released today during a press conference contradicts the original police account claiming they were acting in self-defense.

“Mario was used as target practice by reckless and malicious San Francisco police officers. The killing is an outrage and an affront to the African American community,” the Woods’ family lawyer, John Burris said in a press conference today.

Students from high schools across San Francisco joined in protests today over the police killing of Mario Woods. Some were accompanied by teachers or excused from class but others left without permission.

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One seventh grader, Jessika Hernandez, told SF Weekly that only the day before, her 15-year-old brother was arrested. “He wasn’t doing anything, he was just walking home,” she said, explaining to her friends that she had missed going to the park because her father had to pick up her brother from police custody.

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Cartez Davis, a 10th grader from Balboa High School, and Chance Robinson, his 12th grade classmate, said they had both been stopped by police and believed they had been racially profiled.

“It makes me feel violated,” Davis, who is African American, said. “I feel stripped of my rights.”

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The new video released during a press conference Friday held by lawyers for Woods’ family more clearly shows that Mario Woods did not physically threaten officers before being shot more than 20 times.

Lawyers for the Woods’ family also say they are set to release video analysis showing he did not provoke police when they shot and killed him. Police are supposed to release the names of the five officers involved in the case today.

The Woods’ family lawyer, John Burris, also announced today that he will be seeking more than $25 million in a federal civil rights lawsuit.


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