Revolution Is Now Blocked In Romania?


1465330_10151740343800728_1481442863_nIt has come to our attention that some Internet Service Providers of Romania have blocked access to Revolution

Recently we published several articles about people in Pungesti, Romania protesting against a Chevron Shale Gas Well. We began our coverage of the Anti-Chevron Protest in Romania on October 16th with Romania: Protests Against Chevron Shale Gas Well, Camp and Blockade Construction Site.

Followed on October 17th with Romania: Protests Against Chevron Halt Operations when Chevron announced it suspended its fracking operations in the wake of hundreds of people from 5 villages blocking the roads near Pungeşti, north-east Romania.

On December 3rd we published Villagers Attacked by Riot Police In Romania at Anti-Chevron Demonstration when activists who had been resisting Chevron for almost three months had set up a camp across the field where Chevron was granted access by the Romanian government. This article detailed events when local villagers from the north-west village of Pungeşti, were attacked by the riot police, and illegally arrested, in a brutal attempt by the riot police to clear the way so that the corporation can start exploring for shale gas, using hydraulic fracturing. Three people were badly injured and were taken to the hospital atleast 40 people were beaten, arrested and threatened with jail.

On December 8th we published the following article detailing the extreme brutality from riot police that Anti-Chevron Protesters faced.
Villagers From Pungeşti Stop Chevron Fracking Again, Riot Police Unleash Terror At Night In Retaliation. 

Today we were notified by several people in Romanian via our Facebook page that they were all of a sudden unable to access 

Our correspondant in Romania that has worked hard to bring the detailed information about the Anti-Chevron protest has helped us to gather many more first hand accounts of Revolution News being inaccessable for people from within Romania.

To the best of our knowledge the Romanian Internet Service Providers that are not allowing our site to be viewed are Orange, Vodafone and RDS&RCS. The effects have caused our site to be blocked in Arad, Romania for the past 5 days. People of Arad have been only able to access this site by using TOR. In areas of Bucharest and Craiova our site became inaccessable today.


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