Revenge Suicide Bomb Attack on Turkish Police Kills Two

Kenan Kumaş

Kenan Kumaş


Elif Sultan Kalşen

Edit (01/09/2015): The suicide bomber  has later been claimed to be  Diana Ramazova of Russian citizenship. Elif Sultan’s Family after examining the body has declared that it was not their daughter. DHKP-C also retracted their statement.

Today at 17:20 a suicide bomber, Elif Sultan Kalşen  detonated a grenade at the Istanbul Touristic Police Station in Sultanahmet, killing herself and a police officer, Kenan Kumaş. The attack was in retaliation to the killing of Berkin Elvan and against the corruption of the Turkish Government.

Elif Sultan Kalşen (26) is linked to DHKP-C (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party–Front), an organization outlawed in Turkey.

The timing of the attack coincides with the 16th birthday of Berkin Elvin (Jan 5th), who was shot and killed by police teargas grenade (and the culprit yet to be found), and the court date (Jan 7th)of Hasan Ferit Gedik (murdered by police-linked drug cartels).

DHKP-C made a statement about the attack
“It is the same government that hit (and killed) Berkin and that protects the corrupt ministersOn Tuesday Jan 6th at 17:20 an act of sacrifice was made by our sacrifice warrior to punish the murderers of Berkin Elvan, and to hold accountable the fascist government that protects the corrupt, thief ministers of AKP, in Sultanahmet Tourism Police Station.” The statement also threatened to kill Egemen Bağış – one of the four Ministers involved in the corruption scandal – should he not leave the country. Egemen Bağış had called the people who protested Berkin Elvins death “necrophiliacs.” Insinuating that they had overreacted to the teens death and must be in love with the dead.

According to Habertürk, Elif Sultan Kalşen was carrying 3 hand grenades, and detonated one as she was shot by Kenan Kumaş, the officer on guard at the front door.

The video below shows Kalşen wearing a burka, investigating the scene, seconds before the explosion, and a police officer firing rounds in the air just after the explosion.

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More breaking news from Turkey; 14yr old UmitKurt was killed by police in Cizre today.

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