Refugees Welcome: International Solidarity Demonstrations



Demonstrations of solidarity with refugees were held in several major European cities and around the world on Saturday. Tens of thousands of people went to the streets to demand legal and safe paths for asylum seekers to enter Europe.



An estimated 90,000 people demonstrated in London for solidarity with refugees and against the asylum policy of the British government, the country will only absorb 20,000 Syrians in the next five years.

VIDEO: ‘Refugees welcome here': Thousands march in support join London


VIDEO: Refugees welcome here! Bristol



Refugees are welcome march in central Dublin – 1000s take to the streetsAs the Irish government tries to avoid taking 19 billion in back taxes from Apple thousands of people march through Dublin to welcome the small number of refugees Ireland is taking.Apples taxes if collected would pay for 1.6 million people to be housed, fed & sheltered. Everyone could be given the housing they need but our government look after the super rich and corporations first

Posted by Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland) on Saturday, September 12, 2015



“Stockholm, Karlstad, Örebro, Västerås, Helsingborg, Skellefteå, Malmö, Norrköping – protest for #refugeeswelcome”

“#Stockholm require legal avenues for asylum seekers.”


“Thousands now take Atocha street #BienvenidosRefugiados #YoVoy12S because solidarity is stronger than fear.”

“Many people in the #Madrid manifestation #RefugiadosBienvenidos @psoe_m @PSOE @SDiversidad_PSM @SDiversidad”



A rally for refugees was held in Budapest with a concert in Keleti station. Avi Blecherman livestreamed from Keleti station:

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New York City



VIDEO: Refugees Welcome Rally Melbourne 12.9.15


World Refugee Day Protest@American Office In Taiwan

There is a picture about the little boy died on the beach, it’s a call to the world to raise sympathy towards Syrian civil war. People starts asking government to ensure the safety and human rights of the refugees. September 12 will be World Refugee Day. Many countries, like Australia, Britain, Sweden, Germany, Hong Kong and Europe will initiate solidarity.But there is more question: Why are there so many refugees? What cause this distressing situation??… 9/12全球難民日,聲援敘利亞: 歐洲面臨二戰以來最大難民潮,有網友發起連署行動,向歐盟國家的領袖、歐盟委員會與德國總理梅克爾喊話,盼他們收容幫助更多難民,並妥善處理難民問題。連署書中呼籲各國領袖帶頭改善難民政策,拯救與保護更多逃離戰亂與飢餓的人,也敦促歐盟領袖們,特別是難民登陸前哨國家,如希臘與義大利,除了增加收容難民人數,協助難民家庭團圓,也能給予難民財務與技術援助。短短兩天就有逾25萬網友加入跨國民間組織「AVAAZ」的連署聲援,預計很快會超越30萬人連署的目標。此外,連署書呼籲各國不要動武阻撓救援行動。目前連署人數接近2百萬,數字仍持續增加中。連署網址: by Wei Tang Tseng and 紅土文藝、工人國際委員會、社會革命黨

Posted by Sky Lee on Saturday, September 12, 2015

Czech Republic

There were both pro and anti-refugee demos in Prague located just a few meters from each other.


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