Refugees Set Out from Hungary on Foot, Headed to Austria – #MarchOfHope

Refugees continue towards Austria from Budapest. image credit @nabihbulos

Refugees continue towards Austria from Budapest. image credit @nabihbulos

Refugees that were blocked and stuck in Kaleti train station in Budapest for the past two days have set out on foot to make the journey out of Hungary, with hopes of being allowed entry into Austria.

With the justifiable fear of being sent to be held in caged cells at refugee camps in Hungary, over a thousand refugees have set out on foot for the over 100-mile journey to Austria. It is estimated that this journey make take around two and a half days.


Image of the #MigrantMarch as it started at Budapest Keleti train station earlier today.

Image of the #MigrantMarch as it started at Budapest Keleti train station earlier today. Image credit @pepsivilla

Videos showing the conditions for Refugees trapped in Hungary and the reason for today’s march to Austria is to avoid being locked in one of these cages.


Refugees marched into the night for at least 8 hours until finally an announcement came that the Hungarian government would send buses for the refugees to take them to the Austrian-Hungarian border.

Activists joined the march and reported that the refugees were exhausted, children collapsing on the highway. Scenes were very dramatic. After almost 30 km of walking people were getting ready to stop on the roadside.

Local Hungarian citizens arrived with food, water, doctors, diapers…

Buses finally arrived on the M1 highway but refugees were skeptical that they would not be taken to the border.

Initial reports said that journalists were not allowed on the buses but several journalists including Matthew Price and Martin Kaul got on board and livetweeted the journey to the border.

Another announcement came that the Austria and Germany had granted unhindered passage for refugees from Hungary.

Martin Kaul tweeted that the only reason anyone boarded the first bus from Highway M1 was because journalists were with them. Understandably, these tired refugees have lost all faith that promises made to them would be kept.

After threats of attacks from right wing ultras in Budapest, buses were also sent to Keleti station in Budapest to bring refugees who have been stranded the past 3 days at that station to the border.

Austrian journalist Nina Brnada tweeted the progress.

Finally the first bus reached Austria. Greeted by the Red Cross, food and beds.

Approximately 30 buses from #MarchOfHope are en route to the Austrian border at the time of publishing. More buses are en route from Keleti. Austrian police told journalist, Martin Kaul that they are prepared to bring thousands of people to Vienna tonight.

After a week of deception and delays, it is a huge relief for these refugees to finally arrive in a place they feel safe. We must also remember there are still thousands of refugees in Hungarian camps and they also need to be released and taken to safety.


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