Racist Reactions to Black Brunch Events Solidify the Necessity to Proclaim Black Lives Matter


Photo caption: “I’m really enjoying these Eggs Benedict so move along now. #BlackBrunchNYC”

Former NYPD officer and contributor at The Blaze John Cardillo

Former NYPD officer and contributor at The Blaze John Cardillo

Black Lives Matter protesters in New York City and Oakland organized a series of demonstrations under the Hashtag “#BlackBrunch” Sunday, in an effort to disrupt predominantly white spaces that serve brunch to highlight the racial separation and raise awareness to recent police killings of People of color.

Small groups of people entered public spaces singing songs of freedom and reading off the names of people of color killed by police. The online response to these demonstrations solidified why they are necessary. While dozens of people have recently been arrested for making on-line threats against police officers those that have threatened protesters are granted a free pass to do so.  In the past few months of report on the coast to coast Black Lives Matter demonstrations the amount of people exclaiming that they would run over or murder protesters for blocking traffic is beyond excessive. It exposes the root cause of why it is necessary for all people of all races to come together and scream at the top of their lungs that indeed Black Lives do Matter. Combined with those who feel slighted by this proclamation and are adamant at countering this Black Lives Matter dialog with the phrase ‘All Lives Matter’ and the depth and scope of racism in the United States becomes all to clear. All Lives do not matter until the Black Lives and people of color’s lives matter.

Contributing journalist at Breitbart Patrick Dollard

And the stream of racists comments goes on and on and on today…

Major Media fueling the defamation of people of color and Black Lives Matter protest using old unrelated images to depict otherwise peaceful demonstrations.

Charles V Payne of Wall Street Strategies even joins in the defamation of people of color by posting unrelated images not even of a protest.  

Since Charles decided to remove his tweet we are posting a screenshot here.

And the response to this article from those who follow the Revolution News Facebook page.

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