Public Sector Workers Attacked by Riot Police in La Plata


La Plata, Argentina – Riot police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at about 100 former public sector workers recently laid off by cuts made by the newly elected right wing government.

Several people suffered rubber bullet wounds and the effects of tear gas during the assault.

President Mauricio Macri’s administration has laid off 10,000 public sector workers since the beginning of 2016.

The workers in La Plata were protesting a decision by local mayor Julio Garro that canceled 4,500 contracts on December 31st.

The mass lay offs have affected workers throughout Argentina and more are expected.

Telesur reports: Among the 10,000 laid off workers are over 2,000 fired Senate staffers, 600 employees of the Kirchner Cultural Center whose contracts were not renewed, 150 fired Cabinet workers, and dozens more infrastructure and communications laborers fired from their posts, Prensa Latina reported.

In the province of Buenos Aires, some 4,500 public sectors workers have been fired in the municipality of La Plata, up to 1,000 have been fired in Quilmes, and almost 300 in Lanus. There are also hundreds more labor contracts under review that could also soon be on the chopping block.

Meanwhile, two major public sector labor unions in Argentina went on strike Thursday to protest recent moves by President Mauricio Macri’s administration to review and dismiss state workers, namely more than 2,000 Senate staffers, local media reported.

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