Psychological Diagnosis of Erdoğan Brings up Court Case


Director Mustafa Altıoklar at Rehabilitation Center

Mustafa Altıoklar, a famous movie director in Turkey who also happens to be a psychologist, was the guest of a TV program where he was asked to answer questions about his political views. The TV program which hosted many well-known intellectuals and brought forth their critical ideas to general public, had been taken off air. However, the guests of this program have been surrounded by judicial inquiries. Altıoklar had said on TV “Erdoğan has narcissistic personality disorder, and he needs to be given a report for this.”

Upon his words, there was started an investigation and a court case has been opened against him under the reason of “defamation of Erdoğan”. He has initially responded to court case saying “this is not my freedom of expression but statement of my expertise. Since my graduation 30 years ago, courts have always asked me to diagnose criminals and court cases proceeded thanks to my reports. Now when I give such a statement, this is being evaluated under ‘insult to Erdoğan’ and this in fact itself is an insult to all patients with mental disorders. I have not likened him to someone with mental disorders but diagnosed. Some people may not know this but a doctor would never belittle or make fun of a health condition.”

In 2014, Turkish Physicians Union had also published a document stating the concerns and worries regarding Erdoğan’s psychological stability and health. Similar to Altıoklar, experts of a scientific field reserve the right to learn, research, declare scientific findings, opinions, results freely under the Article 27 of Turkish constitution . Altıoklar says “when I look at the Prime Minister and talk of his spinal problem, this is not regarded as an insult yet when I –as an expert scientist in my field- diagnose him with a psychological disorder, I am taken to court. Or when I do similar diagnosis for other political leaders and MPs, there is no court case appearing. My diagnosis is simply due to my protector doctor status.”

Altıoklar also stated nine reasons explaining the conditions of narcissistic personality disorder:

  • He thinks he matters the most, there is no one else more important in life than himself.
  • He constantly declares that he has unlimited success, power, intellect, beauty and skills.
  • He prefers to be known as chosen by holy Powers and belonging to a superior entity.
  • He adores himself, wants to be approved by everyone at all times.
  • He believes he has the right to do anything and that all should favor him at all times.
  • He abuses other people’s weak sides to serve for his purposes.
  • He lacks empathy, and does not recognize others’ feelings and necessities.
  • He envies all successful people or believes they envy him.
  • He presents insolent, arrogant and smugger behaviors or attitude.



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