Protests Against The Construction of 5 Star Hotel on La Tejita Beach in Tenerife

La Tejita beach with the Mon

La Tejita beach with the Montaña Roja Photo: Cristina Alemany

On December 29, 2015 local media at Tenerife reported that the city government of Granadilla (Tenerife) wants to give a license to build a five star hotel at La Tejita beach near El Medano. On February 27th, there will be a large demonstration in Santa Cruz de Tenerife against the construction plans in the “special reserve of the Montaña Roja”.

elmedano4The main attraction of this natural treasure is the fact that the hotel industry has not had a hand in it yet, so it is still unspoiled and wild. The hotel will be 26.000 square meters, and will be on the coast by the beach. La Tejita beach is located in the “Special Reserve of the Montaña Roja” at the south of Tenerife. Activists say the Canary island already has a first-rate hotel infrastructure, and launched a campaign to stop the construction plans.

People want to defend and protect the beautiful area, where many birds live. I personally visited La Tejita beach more than once and can confirm that its one of the most beautiful beaches of Tenerife. The local authorities of Granadilla and the tourism industry are about to destroy one of the last unspoiled beaches of the Canary Islands.


Almost 100,000 people signed a petition against the construction plans at La Tejita beach. People can sign the petition at
Demonstration to defend the natural reserve La Tejita beach:

Saturday February 27, 12:00 (noon)

La plaza Weyler in Santa Cruz de Tenerife




Video (Click for English subtitles at the YouTube player):


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